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September 05, 2017
So I've been very busy away from WA for the last week...... Went on holiday to a small town near frome in the UK :) was lovely to spend some time with the family without doing website stuff. I've decided to do a new website for a while :) during my holiday I had time to think about my current website and decided this would be much better suited to me as it's where my professional experience is and also a big passion of mine..... Childcare :) I did not start with it as I was scared to due to the
August 23, 2017
All my life I have always wanted to help the homeless and today when I was watching a documentary on homelessness it's hit me....... I can finally use something Im doing to help. At the moment I'm brainstorming how I can do this using WA! Exciting stuff! Many times I have helped the homeless in my local area or places I have visited and some people frown upon giving money etc. I often get around this by buying them food or stuff they need ie shoes or sleeping stuff. But this is not enough! I wa
That is totally how I feel with this whole technical things. My website is stepping up a gear but with this I need to learn more of the technical side.....completely out of my would not have thought I come from a family of tech geeks! even my own mum knows more than me (embarrassing!) My dad worked for Ericson testing mobile phones before they came on the market to fix all the problems before they went on sell. I remember taking one in to school one day as my phone was broken and all
August 17, 2017
Lol bet you all thought I'm giving up! Nope never!!! I want to focus on helping those who have given up, thinking of giving up or lost the focus of their niche. It's very easy to loose that new excitement especially when thinks go from excitement to reality of all the hard work ahead. Don't let this stop you in you tracks. The first months of a new website are hard but remember your reasons behind why your here.... It may be your family future, to pay off debits or just be able to leave that ho
August 16, 2017
So when I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter I wanted to find a new way of getting income as it was apparent that I might struggle to cover childcare costs with working a full time job.I started to search the website but apron reflection I should have researched a heck of a lot more!!! I stumbled across a make up company (who I shall not reveal by snoop enough I'm sure you could find the answer!)lets just go back to when I first started dating my husband..... I was fed up with all the
August 14, 2017
Every day there are a few things I like to do which help my WA ranking and further my training and website development.My personal check list (you might want to change to suit you)Sign in (with a coffee!) Read you unread dashboard notifications.Reply to any messages or comments.Follow others who follow you and leave them a personalised message on their profile page (Please not write the same for everyone as who likes receiving a copy and paste message....No-one.)Read and reply to any private me
sorry I did not blog yesterday. Spent the day with my girls at a children's railway and then celebrated our 10 year anniversary :) I'm amazed I have been with my husband for so long already. We will have been married for 6 years in September..... even though we both thought it was 5 years!!!The more I develop my website the more the thoughts just keep flowing. Its all following so much that I'm having to do notes in new pages and save to draft till I get the chance to write them properly but do
August 09, 2017
So yesterday I was soooo excited that my website got indexed. I could not blog about it till now tho as I had used yesterdays one blog already. opps! I'm so excited and it has not taken too long. I was so busy adding things to my website when I got a pop up on my WA saying I had got my badge!!I felt like the queen was coming to my home so I had to rush around tidying :) I have spent my time since getting my tutorials and a review up. If I really knew the queen was looking I would not be happy a
August 08, 2017
Wanted to share a little more about me.I've spent years trying to find something that suits me career wise. I left school after completing my GCSE's and when straight to collage to do my Cache Diploma in childcare (level 3) At that point I already had experience in childcare through babysitting and my parents fostering so I felt very passionate about helping children to develop. After collage I left and when straight into working with childcare. I found this not as fuffilling as I expected due
So yesterday I came across some information by a fellow WA which was a great eye opener (Thanks) At first my stomach dropped and then panic took hold! This is the link if you want to check it out don't do well with stress and especially when I feel I have done something wrong or might hit a problem so as you can imagine I was a little on edge. so I deleted any images I had used that were not mine. After that I reached out to people I felt I can trust on WA and