What Brings Bigger Results | Squeeze Pages v. Blogs

Last Update: October 22, 2014

I've seen lively discussion about this online, and it's a question that a lot of internet marketers seem to disagree with one another over.

Do you get better results with a squeeze page or a fully stocked blog?

Some people swear by a squeeze page, others by a blog. So, which is it?

Well, it depends on what your goal is.
Squeeze pages can grow a list very quickly, so if your measurement of success is the number of opt-ins, then you would be very happy with squeeze pages and the results that come from that.

Blogs can build a list as well, but not as quickly as a squeeze page will. Squeeze pages peak the curiosity of your prospects, but offer few details.

Blogs more or less share the whole story (or at least most of it). Opt-ins through a blog are more likely to generate profit for you, because they have a greater idea of what is going on. The content you offer them brings bigger results in the long-run.

This is not to say that squeeze pages aren't good, or aren't effective. They are fantastic, and can show your creativity and personality.

But, if you don't get results RIGHT away from your blog, remember the long term results that come from it.

A list is important........profit is even MORE important. Your blog shows who you are, people can connect with that! There is a much higher conversion rate with blogs.

Stay encouraged if things are just a little slow at first. You are making the long term play. GO YOU!

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hi Daniel,

Squeeze pages do not rank in Google, and you cannot advertise them via Pay-per-click. Squeeze pages offer zero value to your user either and they are just a bad idea.

A "Blog" is another word for a website and a full website is what you want to build. You want to allow your visitors to browse your site, build trust in your opinions, and access the content they are looking for.

Squeeze pages worked 10 years ago, but people are a lot more savvy now and they hate being forced into a decision with no way to navigate away to learn more.

The quality of leads who are FORCED to sign-up to something is a lot lower than folks who are excited to sign up to something because they have been well informed. A squeeze page cannot not accomplish this, nor does it build trust.

On the topic of lists - you should not be even considering a list until you are ranking in the search engines, getting traffic, and generating revenue from you site. A list can help you deliver information to your visitors, but a list can also really harm your website and how you convert to sales. To anyone who is not yet making consistent revenue from their site, a list is not for you. There are applications where a list can help, but the second you are salesy, spammy, or offer anything but pure value in your emails, is the second your reputation and trust goes out the window.

Build a website - it's what we teach here at WA!

CarlaIves Premium
I have been wondering about a mailing list as I'm almost halfway through Bootcamp and nothing has been mentioned. There is a lot of discussion here on how to do it and how important it is, but I figured it would have been mentioned in lessons. I'm sure I'll get to it. Thank you, Carson, for that insightful answer. I really appreciate it!
wendyk Premium
Carson thank you so much for posting this. I have been thinking about a mailing list as well. It is nice to know that I am right on track. I'm getting results from my site. Why mess it up with adding something that isn't necessary.
mechidor Premium Plus
Thank you Carson
Lazyblogger Premium
Great information. I personally for that and hate the idea of building a list from the get go. Thank you for reconfirm ingredients my stand on this.
mthornburg Premium
I have been building a list but not sure if I am harming myself more than anything. This is a great post. It is so hard to know where to start and all the top marketers preach about how the money is in the list but when you struggle with writing content and still learning what to do my emails do not come across like the top marketers. So with that said can my blog still make money without collecting email information? Thank you for all the great information! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
cigar1 Premium
I have seem big results from both with others! In the end I think a blog is the long term best!
danbarth87 Premium
THANK YOU! Exactly what I was communicating in the post. I appreciate that, man.
cigar1 Premium
Your welcome. ..no worries we all want to Do well...
danbarth87 Premium
Just to clarify, this isn't a me v. Carson thing.
I clearly state in the post that profit is more important than a list and that profit comes from blogs, not squeeze pages.
The appeal at the end is to stay encouraged in your blogging, because BLOGGING is the long term play you want to make.

This is not an appeal to use Squeeze pages at all. Just want to clarify that. Now, myself and countless full time marketers I know have used squeeze pages and gotten results, so I don't think they are of "zero value". But, I am very clearly stating in this that blogging is superior. Blogging is the long term play, the wise, more profitable way to grow your business.
mundy22 Premium
I agree with you there, it is of value, it can be used as a tool to drive traffic to your website if used correctly without just taking down of personal information so they could be spammed later. Sorry didn"t mean to make it sound like Dan v Carson that was not my intention my friend, just trying to put things in perspective and write from my own experiences. Capture pages are a great tool if used correctly, you wont dammage your reputation as a proffesional marketer.
wyo1934 Premium
I have no knowledge on this topic, so I have to go with Carson.
mundy22 Premium
Hi Daniel, I agree with Carson, from experience have been pulled in by these Squeeze pages or capture pages to find myself being ripped off or scammed by an unethical group. They have given these pages a bad reputation and people just switch off when they come across them. Even if you are an honest person and mean well to your prospect reader when they associate you to a capture page you may lose credibility. Unless you use it as a vehicle to direct viewers to your site instead of getting their details and increasing the numbers in your leads you can use it the ethical way and just drive people to read your blog post by just clicking the button without asking them their personal details. This way you may, within your blog get them interested in your product by allowing them to get to know you, as a writer first! Building trust. Anyhow, that's my view these pages have been used wrongly.
sherp Premium
My 2 cents here, the big boys of internet marketing pretty much all use list building techniques anybody heard of the phrase
" the money is in the list" Google the top internet marketers and I'm pretty sure their all doing email marketing. I personally like to build trust. I do like Carsons answers though makes sense.