The Small Things MATTER

Last Update: November 11, 2014

Entrepreneurs often are big picture visionaries. This is GREAT!
But, sometimes it's easy to be so obsessed with the big picture, that we can overlook the small things, the fundamental things.

Last Saturday Utah battled Oregon in an epic College Football battle and learned FIRST HAND the importance of the small things.

In an incredible 79 yard play, Utah's Kaelin Clay caught an amazing throw, and ran all the way down the field, and reaching the end zone, he brought thousands of roaring fans to their feet.

Kaelin Clay (the man in the middle) was jumping, giving man hugs. It was quite a moment.

The score on the screen changed from 7-0 to 13-0, giving Utah a 13 point lead, they only needed to complete the extra point.

HOWEVER, while Utah was celebrating, there was commotion on the field.

Oregon (in the white and yellow jerseys) were running down the field with the ball, the referee running right alongside them, as if the ball were still active!

Then the refs declared a touchdown for OREGON once they reached the end zone.

So, what happened?

Watch the video here

A moment before he reached the end zone for the touchdown, Kaelin Clay of Utah DROPPED THE BALL in celebration. He never got a touchdown.

He did EVERYTHING right, he got the big picture.
He ran a perfect route, made a great catch, and outran the defense.


He neglected the small things, the fundamentals. Like ACTUALLY BRINGING THE BALL INTO THE END ZONE! He dropped the ball. LITERALLY.

You can click the second picture to see the video for yourself. It is a sobering reminder that even if you get the BIG PICTURE RIGHT, if you don't follow through with the small things, instead of being up two touchdowns, you could be TIED and end up losing the game.

The small things matter.

Answering emails, following up with prospects and referrals, checking up on your team.
It can seem tedious and small. Writing 1 extra piece of content every so often to increase your web presence, tweaking your websites. It's SMALL>

But the small things really do matter. Ask Kaelin Clay.

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VickiB Premium
Great entertaining post - you are so right
danbarth87 Premium
Nicolasganea Premium
Don't watch football, but you add a great point and hit smalls things spot on. Great post mate
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks, dude!
CarlaIves Premium
Excellent post, Dan, not to mention a very good reminder!
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks, Carla!!
mrpeter Premium
Even though I know nothing about the sport you're referring to, I understand exactly the point you are making! Good writing, Thank you Dan!
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks, man. I appreciate the encouragement
Affiliateer Premium
What a terrific blog! Your example is the perfect illustration of your point. Just excellent writing, great fun to read.

And your point sure is important. Lingering emails are a challenge for me.
danbarth87 Premium
Lingering emails are tough for me too.
But, that can be the difference between making that extra sale, or getting that referral and not!
I appreciate the feedback!