3-2-1 blast off!

Last Update: October 08, 2016

And so it has happened, our ship has left the safety of free membership and we are shooting into the unknown world beyond: Premium! Over the last few days, the clock was ticking away. 3...our free chat was going away, 2...our access was limited, 1...our training was coming to and end, so there was no where else to go but up, BLAST OFF! Let us see what the universe has to offer in the vast beyond of cyber space. Let us hope the locals out there are as nice as you all here on WA, and will help our businesses keep afloat. There's no turning back now, and why would we want to? The view is beautiful. Like the saying goes:

Happy Saturday everyone!

Sarah and Craig

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MarlaineB Premium Plus
Welcome, guys! :) All the best!
Coraline Premium
Looks like you've landed in the right place!
LinDash01 Premium
Great to see that you have seen the light, so to speak :) Congrats on your upgrade, you won't be disappointed...
adamnjames Premium
Welcome to WA premium, you have made a great decision. Things can only get better from here on in.
JohnA78 Premium
Congratulations and welcome to Premium membership!