Think before rejecting a Site Comments And Common Sense!

Last Update: February 10, 2019

Site Comments

recently I had a comment rejected for two reasons.

The first reason that was given was that that my comments were not promoting the product !

The second reason was stated that there were a few spelling mistakes.

Now I am not annoyed or frustrated at this as I move on and get on with my day as I have no time to worry about this.

I am not writing this blog to have a moan or rant but it got me thinking.

Common Sense Please!

I have never rejected a site comment as I believe every persons opinion counts and offers the readers a view on other visitors findings.

If you have a negative opinion then you have a chance to argue and give a reason as to why this product overcomes or justifies what it promises.

There is also an Edit button so if you need to change the punctuation or perhaps make a sentence more fluent you can. oh yres it allows you to edit SPELLING MISTAKES aswell!!!

Just have abit of common sense! it makes no difference to me if a comment is rejected on grounds of a mispelled word, it's the persons loss who wanted the comment because they never used the edit option.

I give comments to earn credits yres so I do my best to leave good comments to gauge a reply with a selling point, if it's not utilized so be it, I move on.

The First Reason

Going back to the first reason my comment was rejected, the person never liked what I put but there was a brilliant advantage there to justify and convince me that the product could give me a better experience than my last one using a different brand of the product.

to me this is an opportunity wasted. I love receiving these comments for this reason!

All positive comments on one page looks false

If we go back to the certification training Kyle said that we should add a paragraph or two about what we don't like about a product, surely this should be the same for the comments we receive.

how many use the same words; It's amazing, insightful, informatave etc...

If a review page is simply filled with positive after positve comments with the same content then this is not adding anything to a review.

Comments that have questions or opinions that are not making the product look like a ray of sunshine are infact good selling points so don't be to hasty to reject them.

The Second Reason

As we have been provided with an edit button then there is absolutley no reason to reject it on these grounds. You can correct the puntuation and errors as mentioned earlier.

Do not waste the comment on these grounds, its just not worth it.

Final Thoughts

These are just thoughts that I wanted to share after receiving the rejection and sometihng I've been meaning to share after other rejections.

although they were many commnents past now, this latest rejection triggered me to take the time to write this post.

I write this purely to remind us all, including me that there is an opportunity in the negative comments more so than a positive comment ones in my view.

Thanks for reading!

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accad Premium
I rejected maybe one comment last two weeks ago because it's a mixture of a feedback and a comment and it did not touch on the topic.
If it's a mixture of a feedback and a comment and it's related to the topic being presented I just remove the feedback part and approve it.
To me, spelling is not enough to justify disapproval for as long as it goes with the discussion about the product presented whether it is negative or positive against it. They are both strength for the article to be responded by the site owner.
Agsha Premium
Nice thougths!

A critical look of any product requires the strength, limitations and the compensations for the limitations.

Whenever, I'm buying a product, I usually select the ones with highest ratings, however, I'll go into the list and check what's written on the lower stars for the the products with the highest ratings, this gives me a better perspective of what to expect with the product.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does this.

Thanks for sharing!
Success wishes,
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
me too :) I need the bigger picture all the time :)
YanFellow Premium
Hey Darren - that sucks. The owner is a dweeb - let them look tht up in the dictionary! :-)

Heck! Spelling mistakes! Who doesn't make them, especially as there's no checker in Site Comments?That's a totally naff reason.

The first reason - I totslly agree with you but some folks only want positive comments. That's their prerogative but, alas, there's no ticky box for that option in SC. I always err on the side of positivity.

I iwsh I got comments like yours. 60% of mine need rewriting, nevermind editing.

Wayne1950 Premium
Thank You I am still learning and in training however I will use this knowledge in my creating my first review which is still being modified.
I am not real happy with it but will do only one more edit to it and then get on with the boot camp lessons.
Thanks for your post Wayne
Twack Premium
I, like yourself have fallen foul of the 'rejected comment' I also had a gentle reminder sent through about how I should approach the 'comment leaving' site section as oppose to the 'feedback' site section. The end result is that I now have to consider whether or not I can leave a comment with integrity or not at all.
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
I got hurt a few weeks back too, it took me a while to go give another one.