10 Day Old Website, Position 4 In Google - The Power of Low Competition Keywords

Last Update: May 22, 2021

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After coming back from the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference I had a renewed energy inside of me & as a result, I decided to start some additional niche websites.

One of the websites I launched on March the 3rd, 2020.

And now on March the 13th, one of the posts is already sitting on the first page of Google at position 4.

Take a look:

And the reason I want to share this with you is that this is literally one of the most simple & basic websites I have ever launched.

The website basically follows Kyle's training here at Wealthy Affiliate to the letter.

  • Build a simple website
  • Find a low competition keyword that people are searching for
  • Write a helpful article related to the keyword

That's it - no tricks, gimmicks or time wasted trying to get the website to look perfect.

Instead, I just went right in, picked a simple theme & produced a quality piece of content.

You see, one thing I see very often here at Wealthy Affiliate is people getting stuck in the rut of comparing their website to others & thinking that it has to look perfect to be successful.

Truth is, it doesn't.

People don't really care about how your website looks - they care more about how easy your content is to read, how helpful it is to them, and how quickly it loads.

So to tick all of those boxes, keep it simple.

I know - it almost seems too easy, right?

But it's true, and I think one of the main reasons many people don't end up finding success is because they've actually just over-complicated things for themselves.

Don't do that.

I mean yes, I'll admit that I myself am guilty of it sometimes too. I think we all are.

You come across a great site and think "wow, I wish my site looked like that"... But this here is proof that it absolutely doesn't matter whatsoever, and time spent tweaking aesthetics is time that could have been spent publishing new content to get more traffic.

So if you've found yourself stuck in the rut of comparing your site to others & thinking that it's not good enough then I just want this post to highlight that it really doesn't matter.

  • Pick a simple theme
  • Find a low competition keyword
  • Publish helpful content related to the keyword
  • Start earning commissions!

Don't over complicate things & you might just be pleasantly surprised with the results 🙂

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Hey Teacher Dale!!
Yesterday I spent the afternoon Binge Reading your posts, bookmarking, and Me in the middle, meditating on what you were saying. I did go to sleep, thinking about it, so my mind could digest and assimilate more clearly, the message.

A common thread runs through them all, although I have not finished the read, yet. about halfway, as read a few before...

The word, "Simple," dressed up, is the math term, "Elegant", which is ,dressed down to, "Get to the point".
WOW, I can quote, ^^^ my own quote, because it's a good one.

And I would like to thank you again Dale for Being
The King of:
Keeping It Simple & Streamlined!

A humble, GRATEFUL follower,

Dale is one of the top people to follow, best use of an afternoon binge reading his posts

Hi Dale,

Thanks for sharing. I kinda fall into the competition that comparing my website with my helper and other successful WA members, but your article makes me relieved.

If the important factor is to keep simple, I believe I can make it and use the time adjusting the layout of my website into content creation.


Thanks, Dale for the wisdom and insight.

We all tend to overcomplicate things and try to have the "perfect website" and the "perfect post" before publishing anything.

But there you go, you have proven us that it's not that complicated! We just need to apply everything that is taught right here!

Three simple steps! That's it!

Exactly right Denis, thanks for the comment :)

Awesome, but I do have a request. Can you help out with the numbers here for your longtail keyword? I'm guessing you use jaazy to help search for the keyword. What are you looking for in numbers for this in Avg (searches per month) and the QSR and SEO numbers as well?


Exactly as Kyle teaches in the training - I haven't differed :)

Was there a certain lesson number so I can go back over it?

if you are not sure it would be good to go back over the training until you have nailed it in your head because this is the foundation upon which you build your success

You are exactly right! I over complicate things myself a lot of times, but as you said, it's more simple than anyone realizes. Sometimes we think our content isn't good enough and we get saddened when we see that our traffic isn't where we'd like it to be.

I've pretty much abandoned my first website, mainly because I've lost interest in the niche. I have created over 250 posts for that site and have earned just a tiny bit of money from it. Well within the last 2 months, traffic suddenly started exploding at my site and Google made me very aware of that fact. Keep in mind, I haven't updated this site in nearly a year and a half.

Right now I'm working on my second website where I feel I can help the most people and I can also promote Wealthy Affiliate. I've got a ways to go to reach the amount of posts my first website has, but I am plugging away at it and I currently have 43 posts with my 44th on the way. I will keep using keywords, especially long tail keywords and keep making good posts centered around it so that one day, I can see traffic suddenly explode at my second website too!

Keep it up Brian! Thanks for the comment :)

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