Been Turned Down For Amazon?

Last Update: October 22, 2015

I am noticing that some people are being turned down for the Amazon Affiliate program. You need to keep in mind that there are hundreds of affiliate programs out there so no need to worry if you have been turned down

If you have been turned down – be encouraged because I had the greatest slap in the face of all. I have owned a Vitamix whole food juicer machine for 18 years. The same machine – yes. No – it is not dead. It is very much alive and kicking thank you very much!

I have told people about the Vitamix juicer and I know for a fact that many of my clients have purchased one because of me.I was also a part of Vitamix’s affiliate program up until about a year ago when they CHANGED THEIR PROGRAM! I got booted out because I did not have a blog yet and was not yet promoting for them. Now that I DO have a blog and I am writing about juicing and health topics, they keep telling me that my website does not yet comply with their new doggone standards!!!I was livid! But I will not be outdone because I still believe in the product and will simply send people over to Amazon or Best Buy to buy their Vitamix.

Here are some other affiliate programs on my list:

Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare)

Best Buy

Commission Junction


Society of Shop

Share A Sale


In addition to these, if you are in a particular niche, you can go over to GOOGLE and simply type in your niche and affiliate program and see what comes up.Example:If your website revolves around book reviews you would go over to GOOGLE and type in BOOK AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and see what comes up.Check them out if you think you might want to use them.

I hope this helps someone.

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Keza Premium
Hi Donna, This blog will probably help a lot of new comers, it has me, thanks. I'm now following you, all the best Kerry
KBush Premium
Thank you for sharing this information. I was with Amazon when I first started building my website, but I had health issues and had to take a break. Due to not selling anything in 180 days, they let me go. Amazon said when I start getting more traffic to my website then I can re-apply.

Now I am back and started Course 3 today. I am considering not even going back to Amazon, since there are so many options out there.

I am an affiliate for, Commision Junction now and there are so many companies to choose from, I dont know where to start.

I am going to have to get moving and shaking, to start getting the advertizing on my website, before they let me go as well.

Again, Thank you

Kinda Bush
dagrinsonis Premium
You are welcome
Ralpharm Premium
Thanks D
MaryESS Premium
Thank you for sharing all those affiliate links.
chengckalex Premium
Encouraging post. Thank you!
GreatTimes52 Premium
You go dude...never accept defeat...or the hand either.
DebSa Premium
Thanks for sharing your post. I have been a little worried about being turned downed by affiliate programs since my site is so new. Thanks again for putting my mind at ease.
Sheila50 Premium
Thank you so very much for this information. You have a great attitude and that is great!
arthurcrando Premium
Thank you D. Very useful and informative.
dagrinsonis Premium
You are welcome.
KayWinkler Premium
Awesome information, thanks for sharing. Totally my style, just adjust Yourself and move on...

dagrinsonis Premium