How I Am Going Through The Niche Thought Process

Last Update: December 20, 2014

Hello again,

My thought process of how i am going to think of which niche to go with; I know it was mentioned in the course to NOT spend too much time dwelling on this but I actually think it is a very important step and one that needs to be taken in a little more depth that is suggested in the course at WA.

Anyway, taking a step back and looking at my interests, it is usually a good place to start with; i am thinking something in this list must be a very unique niche.

Even though there's a wide array of products and services that I could go into, my main aim is to narrow down a few and see if they're any good.

Here's a list of my interests:



Road cycling & mountain biking


SAP/EDI (my freelance work)

So, I can narrow down this list to be a more targeted niche and this now becomes:

Swimming coaching

Triathlon gear

Competitive swimming gear

Supercar experiences

Executive car rental

Cycling (more mountain biking) holidays

Cycling parts

Photography skills workshop

SAP courses, EDI courses etc

I would then go even deeper into each of those niches and ask whether any of the products and services are high price, low volume and vice versa.

I would ask myself if there are any affiliate programs available for each of those and find out whether the commission is worth it.

And finally, I would try and see if people are buying the products/services, to see if the demand is there.

For my part after that, would be to see if I could write lots of interesting articles for each of the niches.

Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.

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Garden77 Premium
This is rather a large niche. My best thooughts. try each with key word tool to see the competition. Any way I'm only in boot camp so what do I know. I know one thing the boot camp here is second to none. I should know. I am in it . happy holidays
DaisyB Premium
Hi Stuart, the process you are outlining is thoughtful and has good points. I think as long as you don't get lost in the detailing too much without making a decision. For myself, if you are OK with it, I would like to make some notes of your process to remind myself of key points to analyze as I pass through the niche process. At a different training course, they taught that the niche doesn't matter and suggested focusing instead on finding a niche with good saleable products and keyword rankings. So I think it is a process we each have to work through. You have some good points, as I said.
theQ Premium
Hi Stuart!.. I agree whole heartedly that more importance should be placed on choosing your niche. It is what your business will be based on...what you will be involved in on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. It should be thought out. I can't imagine not having some semblance of a business plan. Without understanding it I trusted that any ole niche will do and bought my domain name and began to research my niche for content and monetizing possibilities. I was so disheartened by that, I have decided to focus on bootcamp and make WA my primary earning site and save the other as a hobby to research and develop in my spare time. I ranted about it in a blog here.
I love the idea of a photography skills workshop. I think the traffic you could generate from that would be amazing. You have immediate built in value. Beautiful photos are such a draw for people to click on as well. I know I would sign up.
Whatever you choose I am so happy to see you giving it the thought it deserves.
dabity Premium
Thanks for the response! I was debating to whether to just go for a website promoting products and getting a cut from the sales, but then I pondered over the WA affiliate opportunity also.
I think I need to think a bit more, but then again, I need to take action on the two websites I already have and to steer them into something a bit more spectacular and giving me the level of satisfaction they deserve (monetary-wise).
The photography skills workshop would be something I would love to engage in, as I do love the subject, do have a digital SLR with some additional lens and so on. Hmm, food for thought (still).
Will keep this blog updated with my actions.
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Stuart. First of all, this is an impressive list! Most don't take the time like you are doing to really get a good focus and narrow in on their niche like this. :)

I don't think you can go wrong with the niches you are looking at. However, I would think the ones with gear or parts would be easier as far as promoting products. Just my opinion. Nice going! :)
dabity Premium
Thanks! They are truly my interests and I would love to take one of them as a serious online venture. But.....which one!
adaba063 Premium
looks like a logical approach

all the best,