Aahhh! it's break time!!

Last Update: November 06, 2014

I sometimes find myself tweaking a blog or some item on my website so long, that I had forgotten what I was doing. I move from one thing to another trying to make sure my website looks and sounds perfect. When I finally look up from my computer, it’s been 5 hours, like I've been on some sort of epic Lord of the Rings quest. But at the end of my journey, I'm confused, frustrated, and ready to throw my computer out the window. It’s at that moment when I just shut it all down and go for a walk or just watch tv, something to get my mind off of the subject. And more often than not, I find that just walking away for awhile and taking a break, offers more insight on the problem and I usually find an answer.

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kholmes Premium
Thanks how to do it...or drink a beer works too...lol..:))
jsmart Premium
Love your sense of humor. :)
mwilly Premium
I drink a beer
mundy22 Premium
It usually takes me at least two to three days to write a blog review, have all the material I need, but sometimes my thoughts get the better of me. I just leave it, usually until the next day and it flows again as if I was low on batteries and needed a recharge.
CarlaIves Premium
I so agree with you, Charles! I do that, too. Look up and it's 3 hours later and I'm just as frustrated or even MORE frustrated. That's when it's time to shut it down and get away from it. You usually come back refreshed.
SeanS14 Premium
I can totally relate to this! I am always thinking about something, and when I start to get overwhelmed I HAVE to step away.
Usually stepping away makes everything seem a little more clear when you come back to the problem. I often find myself saying, "the answer is so simple, how did I not see this before!", but stress does weird things to the human mind!