How Do You Determine Whether Or Not You're Working Hard Enough?

Last Update: April 11, 2016

Just a thought... You'll hear time after time that it takes hard work to be successful online, i.e. earn a full time income. For me at least that's my idea of a successful online business.

So how do you know whether or not you're working hard enough? Is it because you create content daily? Study the lessons and take action? Never quit and you keep at it? How is working hard exactly defined?

For instance, internet marketers don't have to work as hard as the trash man, that's some hard work. No wonder they're almost always in shape lol! Or maybe even ER nurses, they work hard. Carpenters, they work hard. How do we define our own "hard work?" Is it in the attitude?

At what rate do YOU decide that you're actually, WORKING HARD? How does one gauge that? Thoughts? Comments?

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JudeP Premium
That's a difficult one to quantify to be honest. I wrote a post yesterday which was about 'tearing my hair out' as I had been fairly quiet for a couple of weeks and then got inundated with work offers yesterday. So my definition is to grab the work while it's there, (it pays the bills,) and have your 'weekend' when work is quiet.
halinphilly Premium
When it feels like my eyes are bleeding, I skipped breakfast and lunch and about to have a late night slice of pizza, but first I have to use the bathroom because i just realized I haven't done that all day, either.
And on a bad day, when I next come back to the computer to start work again, it seems like I have barely accomplished a thing the day before and my eyes still hurt. Only then, do I feel like I'm working hard enough. And then, if I feel like I've worked hard enough to deserve a break, I feel guilty if I take one. I'm not sure whether that's considered working "hard enough" or Workaholism.

Strangely, though, I enjoy it!
Maxiam59 Premium
some times I consider working hard when I think I have everything set and I find out that is not the case .Just today I finished a post and was all excited ready to publish it and when I went to view it would not show learning my lesson from the first time I checked all the avenues before I put in a support ticket .Then I backed up my work just incase it was a problem with my theme .I then put the support ticket in and started looking for solutions in the mean time .Of course my super hero's were on the job but still I tried importing the file to my test site to see if maybe it was the theme but when I went to import it the importer had problems eventually I got it all resolved but it did take time and several different solutions so that is what I would consider hard work all the best Max
Junkexchange Premium
For the type of enterprise that WA represents, it may be difficult to have that yardstick defined in normal terms. We think of it more as an investment strategy. We are working hard daily on our brick and mortar business, while adding more and more online sales and wholesale promotions. Those tactics pale in comparison to the kind of return WA online business can benefit us in the future.
Our brick and mortar is an active effort, while the WA training and benefits downline are more of a passive return. We are hoping our passive investment outpaces our active one over the next couple of years.
Don't know if that's the type of response you were looking for, but that's what came to mind when I saw your question.
Thanks, Rod and Troy
CTisby Premium
Your response was exactly what I was looking for/thinking of. I was curious to know what others considered to be hard work, as I feel that just posting one article a day is hard work, along with maintaining day to day life. Thanks for this!
EdwardLarry Premium
I have been thinking That we have natural instinct to following Our desires, Learning from failure and And maintaining goals, I is a sooner our better. Is the solution. I want to thank for your inspiration.
CTisby Premium
Yes sir, I would agree that following our desires, and maintaining goals is hard enough work in itself.