Sometimes we forget.

Last Update: February 28, 2016

I am so very new at this and can honestly say that I am no good at writing. But I am wanting to say this to everyone who may forget just how hard it is for some people to learn this at WA.

I want to first thank Kyle and Carson for starting this site and their dedicated work they do everyday here to help each of us!

Then I want to thank all the wonderful people here who make it so easy to reach out to help each other. I was always scared to ask for help as a lot of people in the past have treated me as if I was too "dumb". I know this is all new and I have to learn everything from scratch and I have learning disabilities to work through also.

Sometimes people forget that learning is so much harder for some people than others.

Here, at WA....I have found that I can ask questions and learn at my pace and not feel "dumb". from the bottom of my heart...thank all of you that remember it is not easy for some and are there with open hearts to help people like me!

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Sheila50 Premium
As Loes states, the only dumb question is not asking questions.
You are always welcome to asks questions if you can not find the answer in the tutorials here.
Loes Premium
The only dumb question here is the one not asked
theresroth Premium
I can assure you CTay, dumb does not exist! Just because someone might have trouble memorizing some words, maybe Latin, doesn't mean they are not capable of grasping what is behind those words.
Just memorizations are not enough to create a good professional, I, and I'm sure you also, have seen this time and time again! And that is what people are praising?
You will be wonderful and you'll reach for the stars if you want them!
Blessings, Therese
speedicut Premium
WA offers, among other things, knowledge and support...we couldn't do without either one!
( I certainly couldn't)
ctay Premium
Amen to that!
JudeP Premium
Never be afraid to ask questions here. There will always be someone who has already experienced whatever problem you are facing. It makes you a strong person for admitting help is needed. All the best moving forward :)