Persistence Pays When you Build an Online Business from Scratch

Last Update: April 17, 2018

We've all heard this before but when you build an online business from scratch it can be quite frustrating. This is why I want to show you that persistence really does pay. You will be faced with many speed bumps on your road to building a successful business.

Let me start by saying my journey is not yet over. I am still learning after joining Wealthy Affiliate in Sep. 2016 but I can now see the proof in the pudding.

Do I consider my website a success?

I would say it's still a long way from where I want to be, but time and persistence will eventually get me where I want to be. I have faced many hurdles to get where I am today but one thing that I still believe does work - persistence.

Start an Online Business for Free

The best place to do that is right here. Trust me, I have tried other systems but Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start your online journey for free.

Where else do you get 2 free websites and free training? Sure, if you really want to be more successful you will eventually have to go Premium, but the starter membership shows you the ropes and how the system works.

It shows you how to build a foundation. This is the first online business step you need to take. Start with the training and building your first free website.

Proof That Persistence Pays

I published some training here for adding Review Stars to your posts. This training shows you how to add the plugin and how it can help with click throughs in Google. It does take some time before the stars appear in searches.

At first it was great and then for some unknown reason (Google only knows) the stars started disappearing from the search results. After that my traffic dropped off and then rankings started to slip.

So you can imagine how frustrated I was but there was nothing I could do. If Google decides your site is not worthy of the stars that's it. All I could do was plod on.

I did try a few things to help but it didn't make any difference. I just had to accept it and move on. So I continued adding (quality) content and low and behold - my stars are finally back!!!

Here is an example of how a search looks now...

Now my rankings and traffic is starting to build up again.

Successful Online Businesses

You don't have to look far to find success at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many success stories here so you know that this system does work.

It takes perseverance and you may have to change tactics along the way. I know I did, but it was the best thing that happened to me.

If you have a product that you can sell yourself - do it! I built my own online store and I can now offer promotions and set my own prices.

This is helping with the success rate and scaling up of my business. This won't be applicable for every niche but if you can find something that allows you to do that I would recommend it.

Building success takes time. All the training here tells you that. It took me 18 months to make my first $1000 in a month. That was a huge effort and I even switched affiliations in that period.

Read more >>>

You Can Do It

Believe in yourself. Trust in the training here. If you are not promoting WA try and find an affiliation that pays good commissions. A lot of people trust Amazon, even after they reduced their commissions for affiliates.

I actually think it's a good partnership to have, but my niche is one of the lowest commissions at 4% and the products I review vary between $30 to $100 so I was never going to get rich.

If your niche is higher end (8% upwards) and the products are $100 or more then it may work for you. When I started out I didn't think about this.

Try and think outside of the box and aim high. The sky is the limit with affiliate marketing.

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