Affiliate Marketing Beginners Follow Thy Training Path

Last Update: May 20, 2014

I have been noticing some of the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Beginners have been straying from the training. This could lead to frustration and take your focus off what tasks need to be done. If you jumping ahead of the training and getting stuck, you're likely going to be wasting your time with questions that are already explained in the training. Stay on track and it will all unfold for you, more importantly don't think of this as a get rich quick program.

Here's a small guide to stick by:

  • Follow the training to the letter
  • Complete the tasks as they are presented
  • Ask questions if you're not clear on a part of the training
  • Don't stray from your training path
  • Help answer questions if you know the answer to them
  • Help people if you can help
  • Document your achievements and share at WA
  • More importantly stay focused

Hope this guide helps the wealthy affiliate marketing beginners and remember we are all here to create success, and the way we do that is by helping each other and learning, contributing wherever we can. We all have a tendency to stray from the path, but I think you have more chance of success if you stay on it - and stay focused. I know there will be some experienced marketers that will have the ability to stay on the training and complete other tasks as well. This is more for people that do not have any or little experience with affiliate marketing.

Here's to your success,


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caylynn Premium
Didn't start until the third read. Once to get the gist, twice to get the language, the third time made a list. A goal, a time to finish it, another goal. Step my step. Your guide is an excellent addition. ^_~
CraigsList Premium
Thanks Caylynn.
arick Premium
Good point Craig!
wallwolf Premium
Good advice I am terrible at following things to the letter, possibly the most effort I have ever put into sticking to it is here.
CraigsList Premium
Hey tim, I made a daily and weekly task planner in word. Cut it down to size, and stuck it on my laptop next to my mouse pad.
Lesmyb Premium
I agree 100%. I managed to get myself distracted by posts and training outside of the course I was doing and at one point was all over the place and completely lost focus.

It is very important to stick to the training course you have chosen and complete it before implementing other stuff that you come across. If you have not been told to do it in the training, then don't do it.

Bookmark it and get back to it after you have completed the course.
The training is structured the way it is because it works and has been proven over and over again.
CraigsList Premium
I do a lot of Bookmarking, excellent suggestion.
nomda ploom Premium
do the basics well, for sure, good steer, Andy