$1,345 Month - Continuing to Grow - November 2018 Progress Report

Last Update: December 05, 2018

Howdy folks,

I just wanted to provide another monthly update for everyone for November of 2018. While I certainly did not see as much growth or success as some of my fellow WA folks (congrats to littlemama, JerryHuang, Ericcantu on amazing months!!!), I still saw a solid month and wanted to share.

First and foremost, the money!

I earned a total of $1,345 dollars from Amazon this month. The unfortunate part here is that I screwed up and accidentally dropped my Amazon OneLink code. This lost me A LOT of sales as I missed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in every country but the USA. UGH! Either way, a great month:

What about Traffic:

From a Google standpoint I caught my error a little earlier. A theme update dropped all my header and footer code so when I first checked in I thought my site was down for a week. That's where you see that giant zero for a week straight. Woops. Either way, a great turnout this month!

A few additional metrics about my site:

  • I have about 170 posts up
  • I'm in the pet care industry
  • I use Amazon only for affiliate services
  • Over 90% of my traffic comes from organic search
  • I don't do any paid promotions of any kind

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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texasprinces Premium
Wow! Way to go! :)
A very important post we read this post which we know we will update every time we update our site, we will get it very easily every November, so that they provide complete information so we would like to thank you for the post.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Great figures even with the minor mishaps. Well done.

Onward and upward!
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Congratulations on your continued success.
lakbar12 Premium Plus
Awesome, awesome...This is so awesome..Great job and keep going...your success is around the corner...To your continued success..