$1,345 Month - Continuing to Grow - November 2018 Progress Report

Last Update: December 05, 2018

Howdy folks,

I just wanted to provide another monthly update for everyone for November of 2018. While I certainly did not see as much growth or success as some of my fellow WA folks (congrats to littlemama, JerryHuang, Ericcantu on amazing months!!!), I still saw a solid month and wanted to share.

First and foremost, the money!

I earned a total of $1,345 dollars from Amazon this month. The unfortunate part here is that I screwed up and accidentally dropped my Amazon OneLink code. This lost me A LOT of sales as I missed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in every country but the USA. UGH! Either way, a great month:

What about Traffic:

From a Google standpoint I caught my error a little earlier. A theme update dropped all my header and footer code so when I first checked in I thought my site was down for a week. That's where you see that giant zero for a week straight. Woops. Either way, a great turnout this month!

A few additional metrics about my site:

  • I have about 170 posts up
  • I'm in the pet care industry
  • I use Amazon only for affiliate services
  • Over 90% of my traffic comes from organic search
  • I don't do any paid promotions of any kind

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Zarina Premium
Congrats on your 4 figure month Craig!! Wohooo! For me it was an unusually slow month ($450+ compared to $1550+ in October). I expected a bit more from Thanksgiving/BF/CM season.

What do mean by dropping OneLink? You decided to use it for Black Friday only, and other times you don't use it?
craigrut Premium
If you check out this post it explains what I did: In short though, I updated my theme and it wiped the footer and header code out of my site that deploys OneLink. My core links to Amazon are all for the US so they continued working, but for anyone outside the US they still got redirected to their local site...I just got no credit for the referral.
craigrut Premium
And PS - Sorry to hear that! It is a bummer when things don't go as expected. As I can well relate.

I imagine you'll see some good bumps around Christmas! I'll cross my fingers for you that people go bonkers in your niche and flood your site! :)
free4life Premium
WTG. A very encouraging post. Thank you!!!
RDulloo Premium
Yippee! Congrats Craig! I'm so happy for you!

It's okay, mistakes happen! Don't dwell on it! Learn from it and move on (and make sure it does not happen again is all...LOL).

It's great to see that even though you accidentally dropped your OneLink code, that your income is still getting higher.

Don't worry, because Christmas and Boxing Day is coming, so you're going to make up for it! I'm sure of that... :)

I wish you many more successes to come!

craigrut Premium
Thanks for your continued support! I hope you're having a wonderful year as well!
smartm2018 Premium
Congratulations! You did great! Thanks for sharing your experience.
DannyDaniels Premium
Amazing, this inspired me 'cause I am in the pet industry too. Newbie in the game.
Thanks for sharing and keep up a good work.
Wina163 Premium
Congrats Craig! This is still awesome!!
$1k+ is still a lot money with very little investment here in WA :)

I have one quick question! To give me a little boost of motivation. How long did it take for you to come up with 170 posts?
That's a lot because my EOY goal is only to reach 30 posts for now 😅

Congratulations again! Wishing you continued success. :)
craigrut Premium
I started this site in April of 2017. Also, I've taken a few breaks. Like you, I work in digital marketing as a day job and sometimes I just don't have the energy to go crank out a post.

Personally I would say to focus your effort on a few really high quality posts. Don't post just to post. I've seen that post frequency and post age have little to do with actual ranking (based on my site at least).
YanFellow Premium
That's brilliant, Craig!

Particularly like the stats at the end.

A few people have reported probs with OnelInk, including me. It's almost impossible to tell accurately if the link is working in other coun tries. Are you finding it is? Any probs?

Did you update your theme or switch to a new one?
craigrut Premium
I have enough daily traffic worldwide that if I don't get an Amazon click each day in GB or in Canada then it isn't working. I SHOULD have noticed it a lot earlier in Amazon, but I wasn't checking my income reports daily.

I updated my theme, like a dunce, without first looking at what needs to be done during theme updates....
YanFellow Premium
Ah... I think OnelInk is a brilliant idea but I had problems with it not redirecting. Guess I'll have to wait till I'm getting lots of traffic before re-installing it.

Your theme update is a salutary lesson. Glad you fixed it, tho.
texasprinces Premium
Wow! Way to go! :)
A very important post we read this post which we know we will update every time we update our site, we will get it very easily every November, so that they provide complete information so we would like to thank you for the post.
tommo1968 Premium
Great figures even with the minor mishaps. Well done.

Onward and upward!
JerryMcCoy Premium
Congratulations on your continued success.
lakbar12 Premium
Awesome, awesome...This is so awesome..Great job and keep going...your success is around the corner...To your continued success..