Why Do People Self SABOTAGE Themselves? - Do YOU?

Last Update: May 19, 2021

Hey, I am Lula.

Self-sabotage, simply put, refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold us back and prevent us from doing what we want to do.

Entrepreneurs sabotage themselves all the time in denial and without awareness. It is the nature of the beast and what a beast it is. We can never eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors. But if we can stop or cut down on some of the worst and most damaging actions, we can send our business performances through the roof.

We are only human beings and are not rational creatures. Things like pride, ego, fear, and habits can get in the way of how we think and act. Our minds have been programmed for survival in the jungle, among wild animals, not to build businesses. In terms of "fear and flight," our minds naturally think not to make a careful, calculated risk and prosper—a vital component of self-sabotage.

So it is no wonder that fear is often a significant component of self-sabotage. We are not pre-programmed to take chances. If a prehistoric man walked a particular path and was not attacked by a dinosaur, he learned to take that same path every day and not try a new way even if it seemed more convenient.

Some common self-sabotaging behaviors among entrepreneurs include diving into work without a plan, jump into the tasks that pop up each day without profoundly thinking, and strategizing about how we are spending our time. We also tend to work ourselves for very long hours. Do we ever strategize and have a written plan for our time priorities for the year, the month, and each day? Do we ever believe hard or often how do we choose our daily tasks?

Instead, we tend to be creatures or captives of habit. We tend to do the same things that we have done in the past without giving them much thought to alternative ways of doing them differently. We fail to realize processes that are critical in driving the business forward.

Some elements include not embracing the fear of doing it afraid, charging a new business, creating significant new products, approaching potential client prospects, or just making that next important sales call.

Entrepreneurs may have difficulty visualizing success.

Procrastinating, putting off work required for advancement.

Staying within comfort zones.

Not delegating or building a team.

Not hiring smart folks that would challenge, be more complex, and potentially take businesses to higher levels vs. likable, follow instructions, good team players.

Not getting feedback or, worst, ignoring good feedback.

Kidding with unrealistic goals.

Failure to praise and celebrate.

Hesitating to outsource.

Pushing off critical decisions.

Delaying important choices caught up in overanalyzing, overthinking it.

Focus on too many things or wrong things.

Tackling easy tasks first.

Not thinking Big or BIG enough.

Not acknowledging weaknesses.

Not Networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Allow personal life to interfere, bringing problems to the workplace.

Not following up on current affairs.

Constantly worrying, allowing outside influences to dictate workflow.

Doing work performing unproductivity tasks but in hindsight not worthy of the amount spent on them.

Trying too hard to perfect things vs. enacting or taking action.

Not getting to sleep early or failing to rest.

Not exercising and keeping in shape.

Eating poorly and unhealthy.


Affiliate Marketing and website building are no different, it is businesses we spend months building, but some folks still don't make out but rather self-sabotage.

With affiliate marketing, "Content is KING" - Updating our sites consistently without fail is a MUST (preferably 2 - 3 posts a week).

And so, it kills me every time I see someone struggle or is struggling. So please don't KILL me.





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CCondon Premium
Hi Lula,

I have recently attended some training that covered a similar topic. What I have taken from it was exactly what you are posting about. Get out of your own way and make it happen.

You cannot be afraid to fail! Or wait till the time is right! An analogy that was used is a surfer sitting in the water waiting for the perfect wave and another who is catching every wave they can. Which one actually does more surfing? High quality is great but quantity matters. 50% great is better than 2% awesome in the line of business.

Good stuff here!
countrylife Premium
Hello Chad and thank you.
You are spot on, it is never going to be perfect. We'd figure it on the way, I learned this before if someone offered me a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat! - Just get on. That's holds true. Thank you for your beneficial comment, I love it so much. Because of you I learned something new today, this is what I love about WA and the community. GMTA!! Thank you Chad, I really appreciate your time and effort reading my blog post and commenting.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Wow Lula you got it!

It’s all of the above why people sabotage themselves but does it mean am killing you? 😜

I am struggling but bcuz of am not done my training yet,
My reason, I like to absorb in the training seriously as this is new beginning, new journey as in zero on line marketing field.

Thanks for caring much of the WA community Lula and nice of you to push everyone “to work their rear end off” with this blog of yours! Ok want to be fair members only who needs it 😣😂😎

Great job
countrylife Premium
Hello Jocelyn and thank you.
What is meant by the phrase it that it upsets me to see someone not doing so well > thus it is k1lling me! Because all of us while we are different can follow few simple instructions which WA provides us with and yet I see members here hindering their success by not doing what was advised to them, I feel may be the want to reinvent the wheel, the training works it is just got to be followed to the tee.
That's good to know and I am sure you will do very well and one thing more I noticed I am learning something every time I read same page, the comments, the discussions they all help us shape our endeavors positively. If at any time you felt you are needing a hand please reach out I'll try to the best of my ability help out.
I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post and commenting.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Of course! Lol 😂 am just being goofy to be fun!

No worries as soon am ready I will need your help!

You are welcome Lula

richardgb Premium
Another nice post, Lula. Thank you.
In business, the only thing to fear, is fear itself. That’s probably true for most of life today.

Now, in practice, the brain, in trying to carry out one of its primary roles of protecting our bodies and itself, is the source of most self-sabotage. So I agree with most of what you say however...

I hope you keep your sense of humour as I point out that according to modern human research, dinosaurs died out about 65 million years before prehistoric man appeared. The principle you highlight is sound of course although a saber toothed tiger, or mankind themselves, were probably the most frightening creatures of the day.
Villageist Premium Plus

You rock! Hit the nail right on its head. Guilty here too lol But we are willing and trying. As we are trying with time we can become better, there's no easy path and no cutting corner. The work is got to be done. Yes I have folks working for me and often regard good feedback because I am opinionated, what I want will proceed and that's wrong. You see Lula investments are on the line and it is hard sometimes to let go, don't you find this to be true?

To go read this on one page is honestly heartbreaking but all true. Same as Jeffrey below lol Guilty as Charged!! There you've got my confession! Please don't k1ll yourself we value you.

Thank you Lula, enjoyed reading your blog post, top as usual.

All the best.
FrankMelton2 Premium
Very good article. It is hard, but necessary to break old habits