Pricer Ninja - a plugin to avoid like the plague!

Last Update: June 15, 2014

Just a warning to anybody who should chance across this cowboy outfit. I installed their plugin, which gives you price comparison tables on your website so you can compare product plans side by side - for example, like the tables you see on Jaaxy comparing the features between Free, Pro and Enterprise - and it looked like a decent product and pretty cheap at, if I remember, around 5 bucks a month.

What a load of garbage! After just a few hours use the tables would take ages to load, then the next day they would not load at all. They are script based to so they pull the information from their website, so if their site is down you're screwed.

I filed a support message and ONE MONTH LATER I got this message:

Have you tried to contact our support and haven't got any answer?
We're aware our performance issue and working all the time to improve it."

Seriously guys? You expect your customers to wait ONE MONTH before you even reply? I already ditched Pricer Ninja a month ago, I now use Easy Pricing Tables which is much better and not script based but run from your own site using simple shortcodes.

If you're installing a new plugin check the reviews first. Lesson learned, only $5 lost luckily.

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Karyskis Premium
Thanks for the warning!
Trialynn Premium
Thanks for the warning Gary!
KatieMac Premium
thank you for warning us, I know Kyle has advised us to be careful with choice of plugins
TravelHacker Premium
Thank you!
coolcity Premium
Thanks Cathy,

I have a solution already; I use the Easy Pricing Tables that Mark Tait suggested in an answer given on that link, but thank you for taking the time, useful information nonetheless.