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July 15, 2014
Well I'll be honest, I wasn't going to bore you all with a farewell message - or some might call it a parting shot - but a couple of people have suggested I should so this is it. Why am I leaving? Well there are two main issues for me. One is that I feel that beyond getting you started there is precious little reliable expert advice for some of the trickier stuff, and if you find the same thing then frankly you are more likely to find better and more reliable answers by doing a search on Google
Just a quick thank you, and an apology to all those who have followed me recently and I have not followed back. I have not done so as I spend less and less time on here, as it is proving to be a major distraction to what I want to achieve. As such I will be leaving when my annual membership expires in July, hence my reason for not pursuing the somewhat pointless task of following anybody back lately. I hope you all understand.
Just a warning to anybody who should chance across this cowboy outfit. I installed their plugin, which gives you price comparison tables on your website so you can compare product plans side by side - for example, like the tables you see on Jaaxy comparing the features between Free, Pro and Enterprise - and it looked like a decent product and pretty cheap at, if I remember, around 5 bucks a month. What a load of garbage! After just a few hours use the tables would take ages to load, then the
June 12, 2014
I have to admit I get a bit bored of constant motivational messages, but I like this one I spotted earlier: "Some people dream of success. Others wake up and get to work on it"
I have posted this exact post elsewhere on WA but I think it is worthy of posting here in it's own thread in case anybody has the same problem. I have had issues with BackWPUp not completing for the past few weeks so my last completed backup dates back to December. I left it for a while but since I have added hundreds of hours of content recently I thought it was worth another shot, in fact something that needed to be sorted out. That's when the site started crashing. This was the err
I just found one of the products I'm promoting on PAGE 1 of Google for my MAIN SEARCH TERM, in position 5. Now it's not likely to be a major selling product so there will be much fewer people searching for it than for, say, an iPhone but that's the important point: As a lot of you know I'm putting together a mobile phone website promoting mobile phone contracts, specific to the UK (as you can't get a mobile phone contract unless you reside in the same country). The point is this. I've
I'm looking to compile a list of the best smartphone apps for use with a mailer - Android, iOS, BB, Windows phone, anything at all, and I'm looking for your help please. Can anybody suggest any? I've got the obvious, most popular ones down but they are not something I use much so am looking for a bit of inspiration. There are lists out there but I'm trying not to copy if possible. It doesn't matter what type, anything will do but preferably apps that you have tried and found useful. I have used
OK so I've been tinkering and managed to knock up, as an experiment really, a couple of pages done so far. I would be grateful for an honest evaluation of the content. I also have a couple of issues: 1. On the 'Ferrari' page there is a 'Leave a reply' message box. How do I get rid of it? 2. According to URL Metrics ( I am getting 3,800 visitors a month - yet I have only just published it. What's going on there? I am really puzzled about this. I purchased the
August 12, 2013
First of all thank you to all of you who have followed me in the last couple of weeks. I promise I will get back to each and every one of you individually. I came here a few weeks ago looking to move onwards and upwards having 'lost' my Amazon seller account. I started off really well, having found the inspiration I have been searching for, for some years. I sailed through the first series of lessons, got a website set up on WP (though I scrapped it after messing around with the HTML code whic
July 25, 2013
But why follow? It's a feature of this website that almost all of us use to some degree but one I have seldom seen mentioned. I find that a little strange, hence this blog, because in my opinion it is one of the most important features of WA. Why? Because when you follow somebody you are notified of their activities, posts, likes, blogs and so on. That's important in many ways. - You can link up with many people on here who have had a lot of success already - You can link up with people who hav