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Last Update: July 25, 2013

But why follow? It's a feature of this website that almost all of us use to some degree but one I have seldom seen mentioned. I find that a little strange, hence this blog, because in my opinion it is one of the most important features of WA.

Why? Because when you follow somebody you are notified of their activities, posts, likes, blogs and so on. That's important in many ways.

- You can link up with many people on here who have had a lot of success already

- You can link up with people who have a lot of knowledge and experience

Both of these groups are people who often post some extremely lucrative information such as configuring certain aspects of using Wordpress. You are notified when this happens so you don't have to worry about chancing across the article or missing it completely.

- You can link up with people who are just starting out, want to and have the will to succeed

- You can link up with people who have just started out but are a little confused or wary

Both of these groups are important, because they can give you encouragement and advice and vice-versa, and the more people who stick together to help each other, the easier it gets.

But it is also a good way of showing people, especially new members, that this is not the usual scam like those that many may have stumbled across in the past, but it is in fact a friendly, worldwide community of like-minded people who are determined to succeed and happy to share their experiences, dreams and plans.

All of this adds to a more positive experience which improves your mindset which in turn means that you are more likely to achieve your goals. There is strength in numbers, so come on everybody, gather yourself a decent group of followers and make your WA experience even better and let's all aim for the top together.

(Incidentally it improves your rank too but I don't really know what purpose that serves. I'm not sure that matters so much)

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tommydillard Premium
Nice post
Lee Gamelin Premium
Wonderful post! It's the ultimate in the networking experience and creating a tribe of people with shared interests and the ability to communicate.
AutumnC00 Premium
Great post
goingforgold Premium
Thanks, One of the great things about WA. The people here are as excited about others succeeding as they are about their own successes.
Rick Jantz Premium
Great post. i agree, following each other is a good thing but I usually do so when we first establish a connection, usually in Live Chat. Or when someone posts a profile that resonates with me. Also have to watch how many we follow in a day, there is a limit. I don't pay any attention to the rankings, just follow "naturally" and blog when I have something I think I need to share.