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I would like to use my profile circle with a business page how do I get them over to my new page?

Well I gained a little more insight to Google + Circles today. First of all I would like to rephrase how it was explained:

"A company can not follow an individual until that individual follows that company."

So what I did was from my Personal Google+ page I went to my circles. I selected my favorite circle and copied down a few names. I went to my Google+ business page went to circles again and within the top tool bar I would "Type A Name" in the box. I would hoover over the name tag to make sure it was relevant and drag and drop to a circle. I did get quick replies with people adding me back. Little bit time consuming but works for me.

"Quote unquote"
So the company's are kind of crippled when adding people to circles.

An individual can go and start following people right away and the person will get a little notice that you are following them.
You can also use public circles and find hundreds of related interests within minutes. However doesn't work with a Business Page.

There is a technical advantage for an individual profile over a business.

Go to your page and copy the url then go to your profile and post the link into a new post and share with your circles. Put in a comment like "hey try me new business page for more info on etc etc"

Yeah, when you create your Google+ business page you will be able to invite people to it (via email as well).

I believe you need to invite them to the page, but I am not positive. Hope that helps. I am curious to see others responses. :)

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