Is your website, mobile friendly?

Last Update: October 15, 2015

I did my website after joining WA last Sept. 2. It took me so many hours writing contents, the sporadic “hit and miss” website structure, days spent on changes and revisions. Finally, I asked my son to visit my website to comment. Using his mobile, my website is nowhere. Only to find out that my original theme is not what we call “responsive theme.” I changed my theme and voila! I am now on the right track doing business in the internet. By the way, is your website mobile friendly? Check it out at:

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pitters Premium
Top of the morning to you, Coney,
Thanks for this - : (done step 1 OK)
1. Download this HTML verification file. [googleee952ae6ed925444.html]
2. Upload the file to
My question is How do I upload? into Text tab on what????
HALP (╯_╰)
ConeyM Premium
Hello and good morning. sorry if I was not clear enough. Google has an analytic tools to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Just go to this website and you do not have to upload anything. All you have to do is provide your url and will show the results. Thanks.
pitters Premium
Thanks, Coney,
My site would look better if they turn the phone sideways
dickw Premium
Thank you Coney
KatieMac Premium
You are right it is always best to have a responsive theme when you go to choose a theme you can select it using the filter selection
Sheila50 Premium
I had the same problem and had to change my theme also!
Good you got that taken care of and now can make some money!
Sheila :)
Loes Premium
I never knew I could check this on GWT too, but I have found out where:)