Wake up call

Last Update: January 23, 2019

Sometime last week, I got home and as usual jumped on my desk, ready to start typing away into blogosphere as I do every single day. Turned my comp and was met with the dreaded black screen of death. That almost gave me a heart attack given that this is where I spend most of my spare time. Worse still, I could not remember the last time I backed up my hard drive.

I had some hope because I could still hear the hard drive running and all the lights were showing. I tried doing what most people do and that is to go on youtube to find tutorials that can help, but to no avail.

The following day I decided to have it checked out at the local computer doctor's and after he ran his diagnostics told me that the good news was my hard drive was still intact, but the motherboard was on its way out. I was however able to access it using an external monitor. Straight away I went into Officeworks and got me a new monitor and that is how I am able to type this.

Moral of the story is always backup your hard drive from time to time. Also get yourself a spare comp just incase your old one (mine is 7 years old) gives up the ghost. This things dont last forever.

Anyway I am just glad to be back. Happy blogging folks :)

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ShaunnaLynne Premium
Whew... hard drive saved!!
The 'Black Screen of Death' is never good!!
Glad it all worked out!
JeannineC Premium
Glad you were able to save it. Personally I'm a fan of backing up in the cloud, but the most important thing is backing up. Thanks for sharing your story about it.
EandS2018 Premium
Thank you , thank you and thank you. So glad you did NOT lose your hard work.
Much success
EileenVH Premium
Oh, jeez, my heart was in my throat reading this, haha! Thank you so much for reminding me about this! I really hope you get up and running smoothly again soon. Cheers to backups 🥂😂
Ahimbe Premium
It is nice to know that you never lost your work and the hard drive was secure. Lessons have been learnt from your experience.
Thank you and stay blessed.
Colorman Premium
Thanks Ahimbe. That was a stressful stretch for me.