You Will Outgrow Companies

Last Update: September 07, 2018

Most people who are just starting out in the online money making, they would just do anything. Yes, literally anything, just to earn money.

The motivation to make quick money is greater than the long term goal or long term vision. And there are parties that feast on them. Scams, recruiters for money-making opportunities, you name it.

Maybe you have gone through it. Or, maybe you're still in it right now, so you better be aware.

This past couple of months, my responsibility as a small business owner who own two shops snatched me away from here. I really struggled to find a time to blog in here, and in my wordpress blogs.

But even though I can hardly find time minding my online business, the vision is still alive. The vision of having a long term profitable online business, especially with WA.

Some of you may have already known that I am into multiple niche blogging, and one of those niches is multi-level marketing or MLM.

The Subtle Diversion

Few weeks ago, someone came into our house, a relative of ours, and introduced to me a new MLM business opportunity and he wanted me to help him build a business. Having a heart for this family member, I agreed and joined.

He told me this new business can be done online and that we don't have to roam around cities trying to find customers and business partners. So, that got me in, as I was thinking I can promote the business online in my spare time even if I am busy with my existing businesses.

Along my promoting of the business, I noticed some "bottleneck" in their online funnel and asked my recruiter if he can suggest to the company's corporate team to fix or at least improved them. He's one of the pioneer leaders and I thought he has a voice for suggestions.

He agreed and said he will.

Two weeks have passed, the loophole in the funnel is still there. So, I called the recruiter again, and pointed out that the bottleneck in the funnel is preventing online marketers to implement a smooth online marketing...

His reply disappointed me....

"Although we have that online marketing side of the business, you should not forget doing offline marketing like meeting prospects and hosting home meetings. There's big money in offline marketing."

"What?", my reaction... "You mean to say I will spend less time with my existing businesses (including WA) just to give way to this business? To roam around territories and host home meetings?"

That poured cold water on me.

Why would I let someone or another company call the shots again when I should be the one calling the shots in my own business?

Cannot Be Drifted Like A Weak Boat

I'm no longer that person who will do anything just to make money.

When you have outgrown companies, you will no longer be easily motivated by pitches and lure of making quick money. Instead, you will be driven by GOALS and VISION.

I remember when I was just starting out in online money making...

Banners were flashing, baits were everywhere, and they were all asking me to join their program. I was in a traffic exchange surfing for credits to promote my online programs.

And like many newbies then, for every flash of ad inviting you to either join or invest, I gave in. There were quick money programs, high yield investment programs, and Bitcoin doublers.

I lost terribly in those flashy programs.

It was because, I got weak to those offers, and they lured me like I am a drugged helpless guy. The companies appeared to be big and you were a small creature falling prey to them.

With the events that happened these past few weeks? Well, it was different.

When the recruiter insisted last week to have me abandon my existing businesses to work for a pioneering business, and he said it is worth the sacrifice because we will be pioneers, I got it again... "No way!"

Why pitch to me that it can be done online along with my other businesses to later say, "You have to do offline marketing if you want to see great results"?

I felt like I was lied to.

So, no way! "No, thanks!"

We Are Not Mercenaries

I am now "vision driven", and no longer a pitiful mercenary who will follow orders in desperation.

When you are vision-driven, you only work with companies (like WA) who are supportive of your vision, like providing you with websites, tools, and other things needed to put up a long term profitable online business.

You can't drop companies who are supportive of your climb. :)

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Kimberly60 Premium
What I don't like about MLM is: As far as I have seen, distributors are required to purchase the products to then sell. Or be stuck with. The structure seems to be that each time a distributor purchases the required products, persons in their "upline" receive commissions. So, the vast majority of sold product is purchased by new distributors who then try to persuade people to join become new distributors (downline) to purchase products and therefore generate commissions for them. Most recently I looked into Hempworx, the big CBD oil company, and this is their exact structure. I declined!
CoachGom Premium
It's good to think WA trains people to build a business they can call their own. We own the domains of our sites, we registered them, we own the websites hosted here, and we control them.

Now, if we will compare that to "just distributors and marketers for companies", we are better off than them. Here, you are building your business... your "YOU, Inc.".

I sometimes dabble with some legit MLMs, but I keep in mind that I have here a business and I'm not some desperate marketer working like a mercenary for a company with no solid identity. No solid business identity.

You know, when being asked like for example, "What's your business? Do you own a business?"

Can someone like a mercenary said, "Oh, I own a distributorship business with so and so..."? Is that valid?

Here, we can brag "I own an online business. I own".
Eaka1 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
wendyg53 Premium
Quality is quality which is why we're all here at WA, and it sounds like you've got that lesson well.

I've always been suspicious of MLM companies. Forcing people I know to sit and listen to me hawk a product so I talk them into selling it to people they know is a very unappealing prospect. Luckily with WA there is a holistic way to earn money without bugging your relatives and friends.

I"m glad you stuck to your vision. :-)
WendaSue Premium
Great post, Gomer. I'd say your eyes have been opened. You are no longer a victim of scams. Congratulations.
All the best,
Wendi :)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Gomer.
firstlearn Premium
Looks like a turn around for you Gomer. The vision and goals must be the first thing to look at.

RAFStuart Premium
Glad that you have your vision and goal firmly set.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Great job, Gomer. Am glad you weren't sucked in.
Happy2Learn Premium
Well said. Good on you for knowing what you want.
CoachGom Premium
Exact words. Knowing what you want. :)
smartketeer Premium
A well-written post and some really good points Gomer!

CoachGom Premium
Thanks for reading. As we mature, we will no longer be gullible. We will no longer be easily drifted to and fro. We now decide which one to cater, which one to drop.
smartketeer Premium
As we mature ... A process which will never end :)