Where do you do your best thinking?

Last Update: March 01, 2021
It's hard to believe

that our brains can come up with the things they do! Creativity. Imagination. Problem solving. Sending a man to the moon. What to fix for dinner? You, know, the really tough stuff!

But seriously! How do we come up with this stuff? Does it start with a problem you're trying to figure? Do you just wake up in the morning thinking 'By jove! I think I've got it!"

Most of my thinking starts with 'why not?' or 'what if', or - my husband's personal favorite "why don't we..." He really loved it when I start with that! (maybe notsamuch!!) Where does this stuff come from?

I do my best thinking

don't laugh... watching my fish swim. I just lost my best thinking buddies in the storm a few weeks ago, but new Bettas are on the way to help me think the things I think.

This guy is on his way to San Antonio from Thailand with his buddy below. Two beautiful halfmoon Bettas to watch flare at each other in the afternoons while I ponder what ever it is I'm pondering.

I think it is watching their graceful fins sway in the water. It's somewhat hypnotizing.

I can watch them and have no clue now much time has passed.

Meanwhile, my brain kicks on and comes up with some amazing things.

Writer's block? Go watch the fish.

What to fix for dinner? Go watch the fish - maybe check the pantry and fridge first! Then go watch the fish!

What to wear tomorrow? Go watch the fish. There are two more tanks in my bed room.

Working on a project and stuck on what to do next? Go watch the fish! Yeah, I know. I'm really a strange person! But it works for me!

Way back in the day during my college years,

I might have swam some laps or gone to the ice rink for a skate. One of the great things about going to a small school in Northern Minnesota - lots of ice to skate on. And I used to have to walk to my apartment every night after closing down the student union or television station. Walking at 1am through a quiet town while everybody else is asleep is a perfect time for thinking.

When I was home at Lake Vermilion, in Northern Minnesota, I would go for a hike or take the sail boat out. Or even better yet, go fishing. I had a great quiet bay behind Pine Island, that few people went to. It was perfect; a nice shallow reedy shore with a cliff and deep water on one side.

I could sit and fish for hours and watch the world go by. It wasn't as much the catching, although it was pretty awesome when I got a bite. There were usually some great walleyes along the cliffs. There were always sunnies among the shallow and some lunker northern pike along the reed line as they were stalking the sunnies. And if I did't want those, I could toss a line toward the overhanging trees and find a bass or two. Meanwhile I would be able to enjoy the quiet, listen to the breeze, the birds in the woods, the drone of boats carrying across the water, and the dragon flies flitting among the lilies in the bay and my mind would wander to amazing places and come up with some awesome ideas. Some great thinking was done in that fishing boat and that bay!

Oh, the Things You Can Think!

Dr. Seuss, one of my all time favorite authors wrote the children's book. Ok, maybe not just for children.

He talked about the many places and ways you can think, encouraging kids of all ages to think of the many wonderful ways and places one can think.

And everybody's good friend, Sam thought up a whole bunch of great ways to eat green eggs and ham.

While the Cat in The Hat, thought up loads of ways with his buddies, Thing 1 and Thing 2, to spend a rainy afteroon.

Some folks meditate. Some do yoga. Others practice Tai Chi - mesmerizing just to watch.
One of my friends has a zen garden in his back yard that he sits and just watches. And another has an incredible garden that she pfutzes around in daily, just to think and decompress. I have a friend from kindergarten who is now a very successful artist, living in Costa Rica. Her thinking place is watching and painting the ocean. Another illusionist friend who lives in Alabama kicks around his property with his dog. He is one of the most creative guys I know. His creativity knows no bounds. Guess he has a pretty big chunk of property to kick around on!

So many ways and places to stir the creative and inquisitive thoughts that come into our minds. Does it start with a question? Does it start with a problem? Does it start with a need or a challenge? Do thoughts start like spontaneous combustion just happening? Or do thoughts come from inspiration? Maybe it's all of that and more.

Where do you do your best thinking?

Sending good thoughts and vibes from San Antonio!


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drjec Premium
I do my best thinking while I’m taking walks now. Are used to be that hiking in the Bush was where I did all of my thinking. I get home and put things on tape recording or write notes. Not in the bush anymore so it’s just walking around the neighborhood.
ElodieF4321 Premium
While doing dishes
Andrew888 Premium
I have lots of free time to think. I do it while on the beach, at home meditating, and even while I'm just sitting in a cafe watching the world go by.....
baughsten Premium Plus
I'm an early riser. I get my best ideas looking out the kitchen window as the sun is coming up and the water starts to boil in the kettle. The smell of fresh gound coffee brewing in the chemex brings me into focus for the new day..
leoemery Premium
For me it's when I'm walking my dog. There's these great pathways through the woods and by the river.

She's a mini wiener dog and loves the walks and meeting other dogs. It's win-win - I get to sort things out and she does here hound dog thing.