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It's been over 3 months since I posted here. Yikes! Yes, I'm still alive and involved. Since the big freeze in February, it's now summer in San Antonio. And with summer, comes the heat. Gee - such a surprise! It is Texas, afterall !!! Gotta love ERCOT - now they are saying they may not have the resources to deal with Texas summer. Uff da!!! Bought a generator just to make sure. Not going through that again!But I had to take care of some business with my web sites and check some thin
It's hard to believethat our brains can come up with the things they do! Creativity. Imagination. Problem solving. Sending a man to the moon. What to fix for dinner? You, know, the really tough stuff!But seriously! How do we come up with this stuff? Does it start with a problem you're trying to figure? Do you just wake up in the morning thinking 'By jove! I think I've got it!"Most of my thinking starts with 'why not?' or 'what if', or - my husband's personal favorite "why don't we..
February 26, 2021
Its how you use it.We all live literally around the world. From Europe to Asia, Australia the the Americas. I think the only place I haven't met somebody from is Antarctica. It is absolutely crazy to think about. Our days are different. Our cultures are different. Our backgrounds are different. Yet, here we are!Where ever you're from, we all have access to this incredible platform. My WA is the same as your WA, and while there are membership tiers, what each of us has at what ever level we
Hi, guys! Just a quick update to let you know how the story of Snowpocolips Texas ends at 'Chez Ketay'. What a week is a serious understatement! 5 days without power or water. The roads were too icy and dangerous to drive on and everything was closed, so nowhere to go anyway. Oy! Layer on loss of cell and internet service. It made it all the more of an adventure.3am Thursday morning, I was woken by ice pelting the windows. By 5am it was snowing and didn't stop until 9pm and an additiona
February 17, 2021
So many 'Never's we hear throughout our lives.Never give up. Never surrender. Never. Never. Never! - Sir Winston Churchill At one of the most precarious times in our history. Giving up was not an option. I shudder to think if they had. Oh what a different world we would be living in now!Never Quit!Oh so many people give up and quit just inches from achieving their goals. They will never know how close they were to success only to be satisfied with failure and regret. "It never rains i
I have mastered the art ofmaking things harder than they need to be. I will over think, over analyze, over organize, over learn. . I often feel like I have to know everything about something in order to begin.Lots of things to know... I will make a notebook.Need to learn a process... I will make a flow chart.Lots of steps or pieces to the project... I will make a checklist.Something I need to say...I will create a script.I don't know if I'm over compensating to balance out post concussion lea
February 11, 2021
Sharks are the most amazing animals.Such power. Such grace. Speed. Strength. And one serious set of teeth on the business end. Nothing strikes fear and awe like sighting a shark in the open water. We all remember seeing the shark in Jaws. And videos of people who swim with the sharks. Wow!I have aquariums. And, while I'm a betta person these days, back in the day, when I had my 50 gallon tanks, I inevitably had a shark in them. Rainbow sharks and black tipped sharks. Pretty fish and
February 08, 2021
Yes, I hate to admit itbut I am 'of that age'. I didn't grow up with technology. My first typewriter was not electric. I remember the smell of the mimeopaper and the handouts the mimeograph machine would produce. Yeah, if you're about my age, you remember that smell! I thought it was super cool that I finally had a typewriter in grad school that had a backspace erase feature - and it was electric!! It saved oh so much time.And several years later, I had to all but sell my first-born to ge
February 07, 2021
We made it!Through another work week and into a nice relaxing weekend. Grab a nice cuppa, catch up on e-mail, do some house cleaning, and of course, everybody's favorite...laundry. Whoo hoo! And of course, church time. Gotta srefuel in every way.But this isn't just another Sunday. This is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! (has to be said in a loud announcer voice - an echo gets extra points!) The Chiefs are taking on whatever team Tom Brady is playing for these days. Just kidding, the guy's pretty go
I love a good road trip!One of the great advantages of having lived all over the United States is that you have the opportunity to really see the country. Politics aside, it is truly a beautiful country! When I lived in Montana, I was able to drive up Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park. Now heights aren't my thing and I was seriously nervous about it, but oh, the view was so beyond worth it! Living in Emporia Kansas, we were able to drive to Dodge for a rabbit show and then laugh as we