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Last Update: June 26, 2017

While divorce is never a positive topic in most cases, if you recall my former blogs, today was a day completely filled with mixed emotion. I have been distracted the past two weeks with running numbers and organizing evidence. Today at 1:30 CST my divorce was finalized. That precise time reading on the digital clock signified the beginning of new ventures with new friends.

It was the filing of the divorce last September that eventually led me to WA, so I was introduced to many new friends before today, without which I would have never been guided this direction. The remainder of the stress is now alleviated. My son and I are already adjusted and we are ready to move forward.

Thanks for everyone's support during this time, whether you knew the circumstances or not, I was always made to feel like I had a place to come home to every day - a place where I am welcome and cared for.

Let's keep this rolling.

I did want to mention that while I have attempted some writing during the last couple of weeks, I have not been as active with my website (thank goodness it is still young). I was able to witness a glimpse of what can happen when it is tended to daily and when it is not. Every thing that appears to be of no significance sometimes really is important to so many aspects of growth. And I still received numerous clicks on Amazon which was completely unexpected. So hooray for that lesson.

I want to share words of a dear friend that I received today.

"Ah, so you've passed your finals with flying colors, and now school is over. Lessons learned. And you've graduated with amazing skills and great wisdom. Now it's time for you. To play and to dance and to rest and to let go of everything and anything that has held you down. Fly, dear Carole! Fly! Freedom is beautiful. <3 <3." Joanna Malanos

Precisely the encouragement I needed. And WA is my set of wings.

Love and Peace!

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susanmacneil Premium
Sounds like you have a great attitude.

There is nothing fun or easy about a divorce; however, once it is finalized, you are right, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Knowing that you have a young son, with several challenges, makes me think you are destined for sainthood!

I am a good listener if you ever just need to talk.

All the best to you.

pablocortina Premium
My best wishes for your new life
DebbieRose Premium
As the saying goes, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". Being responsible for yourself can be a challenge but it is also very exciting. I've been there and WA definitely is an avenue to our independence. All the best to you. Debbie
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for sharing Carole. I wish you all the best and find all the happiness you deserve:)
MOlguin Premium
It's good that you and your son are adjusted and ready to move forward. I really wish you the best. Very nice words from your friend there! I hope you have continued success! :)
Clbrooks57 Premium
Thank you. We are expecting nothing but the best.
MOlguin Premium
You're welcome. That's great and very good attitude you got there ;)