Opportunity strikes! still subscribing!

Last Update: November 15, 2016

So an Update guys!

I was so bummed out that I would be reaching my last days here in WA but what are the odds that someone is willing to help me in my membership as long as I help him/her in return.

I don't mind it at all! It's another month of WA that I could learn more and more of this business!

I have to say thank you to that person! Without this I won't be continuing my WA journey.

To those who commented on my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words! WA has some really awesome people. Looking forward to seeing you around here in WA!


Clark Tan

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Andrew007 Premium
Great news! Thanks for sharing.
kasage00 Premium
I hope it all works out
drjec Premium
I hope everything falls into place for you.
reanna1 Premium
Good for you, Clark! It's true that every day counts here in WA! Keep up the good work!!!
ClarkTan Premium
Thanks reanna! looking forward to more WA traning! :D
nnamdi2019 Premium
So nice to hear that and I wish you a most successful stay in WA.

ClarkTan Premium
Hello nnamdi! Thanks! Cheers!