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I started just like you, No knowledge or experience even the slightest in doing online marketing or building a website.I am on my 3rd month now and I have learned A LOT. I am no expert or anything but I hope this would help all of you who just started.Advice that I would give to you is:1. Be on Premium! It is WORTH IT! All the things you could learn is in premium, the free account is just the entree, the main course is on premium! 2. Hard Truth! Expect that you will earn NOTHING for 6 months or
January 08, 2017
I have to apologize ahead because I will be writing this blog to remind myself about what I need to do starting this year.It's a new year for us all but what we need to do is start fresh this new year. Write everything you have learned in the past year and compile it into a note or even blog.Write down all those disappointments and failures and everything that is bringing you down! Crumple it and Throw it away! It's a new year! A fresh start! but keep the list of what you have learned in those
So an Update guys!I was so bummed out that I would be reaching my last days here in WA but what are the odds that someone is willing to help me in my membership as long as I help him/her in return.I don't mind it at all! It's another month of WA that I could learn more and more of this business!I have to say thank you to that person! Without this I won't be continuing my WA journey.To those who commented on my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words! WA has some really awesome people. Looki
Let me say this first.I am NOT QUITING!I am NOT GIVING UP!It's just, Life is hard sometimes. I risked using my savings for premium since day 1 because I have to be one in order to join WA BUT don't get me wrong. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!I thought in a month I could rack up to just the monthly price in order to keep me sustained in being a member but i thought wrong. To those people thinking they could get started earning for a month, you could but it's not that quite easy, some has already been
November 07, 2016
I know it's not that much but somehow it makes me think that the website is slowly growing which is nice.Thank you everyone for your support! :D
November 01, 2016
DO A SCHEDULE ON A WEEKLY BASISTime has always been an issue to me. Whether if I should make time for my friends, family or love ones OR just continue working on my website. I usually tend to try and please everybody so that I won't be that guy who has no time for everything else. When I haven't made my weekly schedule everything was on the loose! Sometimes I could not coup up with everything! and it will just add stress, There will even be a time when your love ones will ask for attention beca
October 18, 2016
Hello Guys, Please don't mind me this is just for me, Not boasting or anything, It will be as the title said it will be. This is for me to review my progress and my mistakes so that I will have a record and I might learn something new every time I will check on this. If you have any concerns or question I will more than happy to help you on that just as long as it's in my capabilities. and If you have suggestions of a better way to do it please do tell me I would really appreciate it. I accept
Hello Guys!,Just got my premium account. As the title says I needed to be one to be able to join WA. I read reviews and asked questions around the net and all ended up saying "GO FOR IT" or "ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT" So here I am got my paycheck from my everyday job and applied for a premium member.I am eager to learn here and very interested in WA, that is probably why I registered as a premium user right off the bat.So far so good. Got a message and video message from Kyle and It is amazing!!