My Progress Report

Last Update: October 29, 2016

Hello Guys, Please don't mind me this is just for me, Not boasting or anything, It will be as the title said it will be. This is for me to review my progress and my mistakes so that I will have a record and I might learn something new every time I will check on this. If you have any concerns or question I will more than happy to help you on that just as long as it's in my capabilities. and If you have suggestions of a better way to do it please do tell me I would really appreciate it. I accept constructive criticism as well.

Week 1: (Oct 16 - 22, 2016)
First day of WA got to upgrade to premium right away so that I could join WA but everything looks good so far. Everybody is friendly here and helpful. This day I started with the website course.

  • It's still the second day but I already made my own website using the Siterubix.
  • Learned the different tabs in wordpress and it's uses.
  • Rank 5414 in WA
  • Made the 2 basic contents "About me & Privacy Policy"
  • Finished Course 1
  • Got into Course 2 today
  • 3rd day Bought my own domain already.
  • Rank 2811 in WA
  • Updated my Google+
  • Learned that in wordpress "shift+enter" will do single space
  • Finished Course 2, starting course 3
  • Building my 2nd post
  • Stuck at finding and affiliate program for my site
  • Still on course 3
  • Still can't find an affiliate program for me it's that easy.
  • Amazon can't call my number for some reason so I can't fully register as an affiliate.
  • Finished my 2nd post content.
  • Started doing comments for credits
  • Website still not indexed
  • Just got denied for being an affiliate in a product that I wanted. (Not enough traffic, Well of course I just started building that website.)
  • Doing Site comments and feedback.
  • Still can't get Amazon to contact me. If ever I will resolve this I will definitely do a tutorial for this.
  • Made my first product review applying what I have learned in kyle's tutorial.

Week 2: (Oct. 23 - 29)

  • Made My Third post
  • Waiting for Adsense confirmation (Inserted the Code in the wrong Section)
  • Waiting for Amazon (Issues that Amazon cannot call my number)
  • I could not move forward in the tutorial because of this (bummer)
  • Took a long breather spent time with my friends and family

Week 3: (Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 2016)

  • Let's do this!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

If you guys have the time please do check my website it is still under construction so please bear with it. I love constructive criticism so please don't be shy. Cheers!


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Cindy624 Premium
Wow! Nice job! I like how you structused your pages. It's clean and easy to navigate. Your about me page is excellent!

Any ideas about doggie dental care? My Chorkie has awful breath! Maybe you can write about that? : ) great work!


HarveyBrown Premium
Keep up the progress.
ClarkTan Premium
Hey Harvey, Thank you so much! Will do!!
StepChook Premium
Writing things down is so important. It keeps you honest with yourself. You're doing great!
ClarkTan Premium
Thank's Steph, Everyone is supportive here. Inspiring me to work even harder. :)
MPollock Premium
Keep up the good work
ClarkTan Premium
Mpollock, Thanks I really want this to work, I have already set a goal and I want to achieve it. :)
onmyownterms Premium
It's good that you're keeping track.
ClarkTan Premium
Hey OMOT, Thanks! I just thought about this today haha.