For all those who just started.

Last Update: January 12, 2017

I started just like you, No knowledge or experience even the slightest in doing online marketing or building a website.

I am on my 3rd month now and I have learned A LOT. I am no expert or anything but I hope this would help all of you who just started.

Advice that I would give to you is:

1. Be on Premium! It is WORTH IT! All the things you could learn is in premium, the free account is just the entree, the main course is on premium!

2. Hard Truth! Expect that you will earn NOTHING for 6 months or even a YEAR but that would depend on how committed are you in your site.

3. Never give up! Members who has been doing this for years has already been earning a lot and those guys started like us.

4. Don't be like me, I got discouraged and I ran astray towards my goals. I was having personal problems outside WA but here I am BACK TO KICK A**!

5. Stick to one website! if you are not sure what website you want to build take Kyles advice and do the Bootcamp. (For me this is where money is)

- I tried making 2 websites and it took up too much time and it will burn you out, If you really want to have 2, have a main and a sub main website. (Main = Sure money site, Sub Main = For fun, "it's okay if it does not earn that much" site)

6. Have a strict schedule on when to work on your website and when to spend time with your family (At the start everything will feel so new and interesting you will forget everything else. "True Story"), Have a day to relax and just stop thinking about work, go the gym take the stress out.

7. If you are doing this full time, good for you. Time is the main investment in online marketing. If you can make 5 contents in a week just post once or twice a week save the other 3 in drafts so that if there are blank days you can use that saved drafts to post. SEO loves consistency.

8. Clickbank - needs 5 sales and 3 of those sales must be the same product in order to withdraw the money from clickbank.

9. Amazon - A lot of products + the cookies (After visiting your website and pressed your link to amazon, anything they buy is your sale) but Amazon has low % commission but still it's alright.

I think that's about it for now. I hope this helps.

Good luck on your future business!


Clark Tan

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HarveyBrown Premium
Great blog Clark, it really lays it out, thanks.
ClarkTan Premium
Thanks Harvey, I was hoping I could add more. any suggestions?
PMbaluka Premium
Thanks Clark I like your sincere advice. Hope you are doing well.
ClarkTan Premium
Thank you for appreciating my advices PMbaluka. I am actually doing quite fine, thanks.
Tezsie Premium
Good points, Clark, especially your observation of Clickbank. I did not now this. Thanks for sharing!
ClarkTan Premium
Yeah, sadly it's like that but I understand why need to do that in order to counter members from buying the product themselves.
kasage00 Premium
That's great advice!
ClarkTan Premium
Thanks! Hopefully it could help a lot of new WA friends.
thanku Premium
Awesome Advice! Its Not Get Rich Quick
ClarkTan Premium
Totally Agree, They need to face this first in order for the newbies to accept the facts.