A Title or A Headline?

Last Update: May 07, 2018

Yesterday, someone querried, "How come nobody reads my posts?" I figured it was because no one could relate to it. Maybe it's your headline. If you start out with a title before you write the piece, it may not fit, after all. If it doesn't fit the piece, how will the reader get a clue as to the content?

I only read the posts and blogs of my interest. I don't have time to read all of them. If I did I wouldn't get any work done. A shame, however, because I'd like to find the ones that suit me.

Think of your title as a "headline". Used it to get a readers attention. And since you must deliver what you promised, make sure it does.

In the publishing world, the editor decides on the title. Not the author. So, when you write, don't worry about that. The "title" isn't your point, anyway.

The use of a title/headline is a marketing concept. It helps target your market. Did you know, you have about three seconds to get a readers' attention? Either you're going to entice them to read your article, or you're going to lose them.

I recommend titling AFTER you've written. Once your masterpiece is done, then give it a nice teaser title. You'll get more views this way.

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buffetearns Premium
Time is an issue for sure and I agree the catchy title helps!

clarerubel Premium
Yea, Wayne, that's what it's called. A "catchy" title.
LTMLifestyle Premium
That’s very helpful. Great post and thanks for sharing
clarerubel Premium
You're very welcome.
HowardJaros Premium
Yes, good stuff Clare!

Here is a little extra info for those that need more from a WA top 50.
clarerubel Premium
Thank you, Howard.
MKearns Premium
A perfect point in masterful copywriting Clare!
Melissa901 Premium
This is a great suggestion. It is often what I do. It helps me more to make sure it is more accurate.