PAGE 1 = Introduction
PAGE 2 = Words with the Theme of Violence
PAGE 3 = Negative Sentence Forms
PAGE 4 = Numbers
PAGE 5 = Other Words that Catch Attention
PAGE 6 = Using the Brand Names to Attract Attention
PAGE 7 = A Few Other Effective Words
PAGE 8 = A Few Words to Avoid
PAGE 9 = Conclusion

What distinguishes the top blogs?

How to Write a Good Title?

I've been doing some research for a while about this and I decided to create a training to share with you my findings about what words/titles attract Internet users the most.

I also read various sources which shared their investigations on hundreds of article/blog post titles and how popular they were in social networks, whatsoever.

Assessing the top 20% of blog posts, marketers came to the following 7 conclusions...

OK, Conclusion #1: ==>

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KeithHughes Premium
Great blog. You most have ESP-N, lol I have been wondering about this very topic. Haven't had the time to do the research. Thanks for your timely blog.

Zarina Premium
Hi Keith,
Thanks for your kind words!
Just one thing... What's ESP-N and what did you mean exactly? :)
KeithHughes Premium
Just a bad joke of mine. ESP-extra sensory perception.
ESPN-entertainment and sports programming network.
There so close(their initials) I make a joke of it.
Zarina Premium
Well, now I get the joke ;)
By context, I thought along the extra-sensory perception but then when I googled ESPN it was the entertainment and sports programming network - so it got me confused :))
Thanks for clarifying!
manifestator Premium
Hey Z i was missing your training!!
Good to see ya in action again.
I wrote everything down and i will apply your tips to my next post.
Thank you so much
Till the next awesome training
Zarina Premium
Hi Andrea,

So good to see you again!

I know it's been a while :) Maintaining one blog, creating a second one, writing a book and doing some offline work for extra cash... Just got a little too busy :))

Thank you for your kind words, and I am glad to be useful with this information!

I hope to see you around :)
EricaMeyer Premium
Thanks a bunch!
Definitely some usefull information here! it does make you realize how important some word play is when it comes to attract people to read your articles over others'.

cheers Erica :-)
Zarina Premium
Hi Erica,
Good to see you again :)
Very glad to hear that this information was useful to you!
Wish you all the luck! :)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Zarina! You just gave me some great ideas for articles in my niche!!
Zarina Premium
Hi Lauren,

You just made me smile so big :))

I am so happy that my knowledge is helpful and useful to fellow WA members and anyone else!
It is my great pleasure :)

Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Am following now, so hope to stay in touch!
TanjaRita Premium
Thanks for the info. I really struggle to write good headlines. My keywords are usually 3-4 word phrases (sometimes longer) and I find it really hard to include them in a catchy headline without making the headline way to long.

Many of the blog posts that I see being shared on social media have very catchy headlines, but I think that they are often not using keywords. They are going for attention grabbing and hoping that their blogs get noticed via social media shares and not through google searches (there is no way some of these blogs would come up if I searched for that particular topic in google).
Zarina Premium
Hi Tanja,

I am glad to hear you found this training useful. I didn't find a super lot of information at WA on this stuff, so decided to share my research.

I know what you are talking about - social media is a powerful thing but it is better to combine it with the google search. I recently signed up for Jaaxy, so it makes life easier with the alphabet search.

Also, what I think is that the catchy titles that you see do have the keyword in them, and the rest of the words is just for attention. And then in the link section of a blog post, they only would include the keyword itself (without the catchy part of the title).

So that's my guess.

Let me know if the tips from this training helped you in the future with grabbing readers' attention :)

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you around!