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Last Update: February 08, 2016

Ugh. Ever since posting last week about the great experience I had been having with SiteComments, it seems that the Kraken of SiteComment Idiocy has been unleashed.

Gents: when visiting a website about Cellulite (the website is pink), mentioning that you do not have cellulite and nor does your girlfriend makes me wonder how you got there. Then to go on to say that you have no interest in cellulite as it doesn't affect you is unhelpful. These comments are supposed to at least appear somewhat organic. What, were you just noodling around on the internet, happened upon a website, on a subject you had no interest in, and decided to comment? No, I didn't think so.

I've had the usual rash of SiteFeedback in the comments section too. Sigh.

What I fail to understand, is why people offer comments when they clearly have no interest in the subject, and can't feign interest for the purpose of this platform.

It's very easy. I have seen a few websites that I don't feel at all able to comment on, so I don't, I move onto the next one and offer a comment that is relevant. That way it leaves the comment request open, so that someone else who will have something better to say can do so.

As a small example. Today I offered a comment on a site which was discussing the importance of cleaning my cat's teeth. I had no idea I was supposed to clean her teeth. I had assumed cats were self-cleaning. I was initially planning to dig out one of my old toothbrushes and scrub them with Colgate. Upon further reading, the author warned me against this course of action as apparently cats do not react well to toothpaste or human toothbrushes. Well, I learned something. 1. My cat needs her teeth cleaned and 2. Buy a cat toothbrush, don't use my own. I was able to leave a relevant comment.

Conversely, I also happened upon a website requesting comments about a supplement to assist men with their performance in the bedroom. Not being a man, nor keeping one, nor having much experience with such matters, I decided to move on. And offer a comment on a site that I felt I could say something intelligent about. Leaving this comment request open for a more suitable commenter.

Ah well, that be my daily rant. I hope everyone is having a wonderfully productive day!

And I'm now worried about my cat's teeth :)

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Ericabried Premium
This issue pops up time and time again and is really frustrating. I loved your post! I also had no idea you had to brush a cat's teeth!
CStipe Premium
I can definitely understand what you mean with the SiteComments. People need to positively be constructive with their comments and actually gear them to be helpful. (or at least try to be)
Maxiam59 Premium
I truly understand what you are saying I know some people think they are helping but why comment on something you have no interest in or not enough knowledge of the article all the best Max
ClareG Premium
Thanks Max, I just don't understand why people bother, if the comment is totally irrelevant :)
AlexEvans Premium
Well said Claire, an on going issue with so many folks coming through, it just takes a little time for everyone to land on the same page. Great post.
ClareG Premium
It does seem to be an ongoing issue... hopefully it'll all be resolved soonest!
JasonGB Premium
I love this post
Serious issue tackled with awesome humour. Site comments can often create Great debate and stress
Great job you!
Rant as often as you wish
You gave me a smile ... a large one...without the use of any supplements lol
ClareG Premium
Haha! SiteComments are providing me with an equal quantity of amusement and hair-tearing frustration :)