How's 2015 going for me so far?

Last Update: February 13, 2015

Hi everyone,

Well 2015 has been going pretty good so far for me! But there's always room for improvement ;)

I had set out quite a bite of goals for myself this year and for my business. Honestly not all the goals I've set out are going that great. Some of them I've still not yet worked on.

Here's just a few of my goals I have achieved so far:

Facebook Page - get at least 100 likes (I have around 800 and more so far)

Twitter Account - Have at least 1000 followers. (I have much more, although some might just be bots. But still its a

Pinterest - I wanted to work quite a bit on this account, first of all it's addicting ;) like some of you might now already..Plus I love the things you can find on here! I currently have 13 boards, 185 pins, 359 followers and following 417 myself.

My boards consist of wordpress tips and tricks, quotes, email marketing tips and tools, my online reviews of legit programs, scams, wordpress themes, Dream board (which awesome to have. Since I dream big), books, ebooks, blog tips and tools and much more. If you want to see what I have pinned, come follow me ;)

Other goals I have done so far is getting more traffic then i've had in 2014 on my website. Which I have so far so good ;) But I will be working much more on this shortly. Since traffic is very important for our blogs/websites.

Things I have yet to work on or do good on so far:

I was had a blogging scheduled set-up which I have not always followed. Although it's going to change.

I want to get my autoresponder completed by the end of this month or beginning of March as I want to build my list.

I have followed quite a bit of webinars in order to learn other ways to do specific things, cause you can never have too much learning right? But yet have implemented what i have learn so far on them.

I could blame everything on not having enough time to do what i need to do, but i know it's not true. If I don't put an effort on what to do it will never work. That I know. Maybe I am dreaming too big, but from the books I have read and videos/trainings I have watch it's never good to dream too small.

Everything I want to do for myself and business will take time. But I know I can do it. Have any of you ever felt the same way??? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for every single one of you here in Wealthy Affiliates. Each one of you is special to me even if we haven't chat before or whatever. Without each other where would we be??

best regards,

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Judy-B Premium
Congratulations! You have done a lot. :)
hectoroliver Premium
CJ you are doing great. Congratulations.
MarieKi Premium
Keep on dreaming those big dreams! You are such a good writer, you are going to get there sooner than you think!
Cjcormier17 Premium
Thank you :)
Kathy331 Premium
You've been working hard and made great progress CJ, onwards and upwards!
Cjcormier17 Premium
Thanks Kathy :)
floridajf Premium
Awesome seems as if you have accomplished quite a few things, you are really making some excellent progress here at WA. I really can't wait to see what sort of future awaits your site. I personally have also felt that dreaming big is definitely essential, because odds are that if you dream big, you will also push yourself even more to make those dreams come to life. Best of luck CJ :D
Cjcormier17 Premium
I think personally it's because we've always been thought that some dreams are crazy and not worth working for. I believe it's society in general that does that. For example, when we are 3 years old we have dreams of becoming something but when we start school we are thought that what ever we want to be might not be the right thing because it's not what society wants.. Not sure if you understand what I am trying to

We've always been told, you go to school, you become an adult, then go to college, get a career,get married, have kids...and so on until we die.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for my website either and my career in internet marketing/business owner ;)
floridajf Premium
Yeah that is definitely always stressed, but that lifestyle is not for everybody :D