How to Get Work Done in This Heat

Last Update: Jul 17, 2021

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I you - like me - live in the semi-desert near the Tropic of Cancer, or if you're in the Caribbean, near the Equator, or any other place where you're baking in an oven right now, you'll understand why I struggle to get any work done.

Shortly after noon it gets bad, really bad and it lasts for hoooouuuurs ... and I don't know if this excessive heat is related to the solar storm that is reported to be near the Equator, but whatever the reason, it's terrible, it makes me cranky, the dogs hate it too and I feel bad for them, their tongues are hanging to the ground.

I filled up a tub with water for them where they can step in or sit in, and Mr. Freckles and Greta have taken up that offer. Not Duke, he has some past traumas with the water hose from his previous owner. He got over it, I taught him not to fear it, but he's not ready for me to hose him down yet.

Anyway, how do you get any work done in this heat, right?

Finding sanctuary in front of the fan all day is a blessing but not enough. There comes a moment in the day when you can't do anything any more, you just don't feel like working, writing, doing anything. The heat is too much.

So, what can you do that is still productive?

Today I didn't want to do indulge in a Netflix marathon like I did yesterday, and so I thought, instead of watching Netflix I'll watch a different kind of videos; educational ones.

I watched a webinar by the email marketing provider I'm using, and then I watched the replay of one of Jay's webinars. In that way, I can sit back, relax, take the heat, and still learn something useful for my websites. In the evening, when the heat decreases a little, I can get back to typing and researching, social media, and what-have-you.

So, that's what you can do when the heat is too much and you can't get any work done, but you don't want to waste the afternoon. Watch webinars, read tutorials, educate yourself. :-)

Recent Comments


I hope it gets cooler for you soon, Christine!


I don't know ... it's a heat wave all over the West Coast ...

I know, Christine! Hang in there! 🙏🙏

I am definitely doing all that with a big bucket of ice and a rotating fan, with all the windows open
It is very hot here in the UK , so I am very grateful for your valuable tips and recommendations.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for sharing

Even in the UK it's hot? Wow! Yes, a bucket of ice is also a good idea. I got one the other day and shared it with my dogs, they loved it :-)

It is absolutely scorching hot 🔥🔥🔥

Yes, it's unbelievable. Yesterday the air felt like the heat that comes out of a hair dryer, and this morning at 9 am it felt as hot as noon time ...

I know ;)

I can relate as I live in Vietnam. Ever day hot. But I was born in a cold country and love the heat. Nice post, thanks.

I was also born in a cold country and I prefer the heat over the cold any time ;-) , but right now there appears to be a heat wave going over this side of the continent and it's heavy.

Was just reading about it. Wow, in the 40’s, At lleast Vietnam only mid 30’s. Take care.

Thanks! You too :-)

I have to get my place cooler, I am living in a travel trailer in the upper desert in southern California. My roof top AC unit works great however the power run is so far away I am afraid of causing electrical fire so I use the generator to power it. I gave up and got my swamp cooler that I got for my old house two year ago and am made a 3.5 meter high stand for it and engineered a system that allowes me to use it where I am at thus keeping the place livable, while also allowing me to diconect from it when I want to take my trailer camping. A lot of work, but thankfully I have the abilty, tools, and the swamp cooler to pull it off. Then I can get back to learning how to edit audio, video, affiliate market, and get my business up and running so I do not have to trade hours for dollars.

The other part of that is what I am using now, My samsung tablet and keyboard. I am sitting in a U-Hual rental truck in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Colosium waiting for the event to end so the crew and I can load out what we just loading in a few hours ago and head home. This little keyboard and tablet combo is awesome for portable, mobile office work. And true, I could watch movies to kill the time, however just like you I am choosing to do something a bit more productive and work on making my tomorrows, mine!

First post I saw when I loged on, great to see ya again. You know, I have used that bathtub trick many times before. I would get my drink, book, and sit in the cool water and endure the day that way. Now I have AC.


It looks like you have a good set up! And the Coloseum looks nice, I've been to LA, but I haven't been there.
I've also done the cool water thing, sit in a refreshing bath tub outside with a book and a drink. So good!

Very good Christine, your time is valuable and you do a great job using it. Good luck to you. Be kool

Thank you! Yes, staying kool :-)

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