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And you can't make me choose. Don't tell me to pick one and let the other one go. I can't, I can't, I won't! Both are staying.It's funny, they both know about each other, they even like each other. I would even venture as far to claim that they love each other and are perfectly happy sharing me between them. I don't have to keep either identity a secret, it's all out in the open, loving and free. Meet Elias Dorado.and Petunia :-)Of course, I'm talking about my two kittens! What were you thinkin
May 08, 2022
I want to give a shout out to the WA members who supported me with my book launch of The Path of the Stone over the last two days. I got very close to reaching bestseller status, I made it to #3 on Amazon US and #2 on Amazon UK which is pretty amazing and already a huge achievement. I got close!Next time I have to make it to #1 :-)A huge thank you to Mel Waller for helping me with this! And also a huge thank you to everyone who supported me! I'm very grateful to all of you :-) :-) Christine
I wrote the draft for "The signs are There" several months ago but I didn't publish it. Now that I read it again, it applies to my situation now, because after nearly 14 years I left my day job. I left school.Not because my website is makig me loads of cash. I wish that were the case but I think I'm going to have to be more patient for that. I left school in the middle of the school year, for many reasons, for many things that happened and the last thing was just the straw that broke the camel'
Only a few months ago did I get more active on Linkedin although I signed up for it years ago. Networking on Linkedin is great, and recently a long time friend and I decided to connect on that platform. She gave me a great tip.Linkedin has several great features that can help your profile get noticed, and one of them is "Recommendations". How does it Work?Simple.You can ask your contacts to write a recommendation for you and you can also pick a contact and write one for them. It's quite straigh
February 27, 2022
So, what's on my mind? Soooo much, I don't know where to begin. I've been quiet on the WA platform for months. I used to be more active, I know ... I was still working on my business, though, writing articles, social media, etc. with some breaks in between but I didn't let it go. Soon' I'll celebrate 3 years at WA. Not yet, but in a month or two it will be 3 years. What do I have to show for it? Money? Nope, not really, a few sales here and there but nothing to quit my job for. Will I continue?
I don't know about you, but I loved the time I spent at home during the lockdown and now that I am back at work I just cannot adapt. I've been back at school (I'm a teacher) since August now, and now it's November and I still haven't adapted. I have always been very flexible and adapted easily but this time I just can't (or won't). I feel like I lost some freedom ever since we went back to the old new normal. During the lockdown (and I know that many can relate here) I had time for WAME (WA and
Today I logged back in on the WA platform after being absent for a little over a week. The first thing I saw was Partha's new post, which I read, and I'm glad I did. It gave me new tips and advice that I needed. Still feeling a little down from what happened last week, I told myself to start writing and finish the blog post I had started before the horrible thing from last week ... So, I finished my blog post, published it, and left it in the website comments section. I also commented on two bl
The title reminds me of those lines "do we want this political leader to have access to such powerful buttons?" Of course, a poliltical leader would not have a Site Comments approval button but rather one with a missile attached.Anyway, my recent experience with Site Comments reminded me of that. By the way, it seems as if Site Comments inspire a whole bunch of blog posts, don't they?Well, this is not about bad comments or when to approve or disapprove comments, but about not abusing the disapp
I you - like me - live in the semi-desert near the Tropic of Cancer, or if you're in the Caribbean, near the Equator, or any other place where you're baking in an oven right now, you'll understand why I struggle to get any work done. Shortly after noon it gets bad, really bad and it lasts for hoooouuuurs ... and I don't know if this excessive heat is related to the solar storm that is reported to be near the Equator, but whatever the reason, it's terrible, it makes me cranky, the dogs hate it t
Yeah, as the title suggest, this is a personal blog, and for nearly a month I told myself not to post it as it is frowned upon here, but I thought "I'm not here to please a few select people's expectations". This blog is for me and the ones who care :-) And personal blogs can relate to our WA stuff and vice versa.So, this blog willl cover 2 losses I suffered in the last month, and how helping others turned into monetary projects. Not that my reason for helping was based on money, far from that,