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May 20, 2019
Well, today is the last day for SAC month 1.There are a few tasks I need to catch up...1. I did not complete 12 posts for my site, only 9 posts completed. I'm still slow at writing. But, I'm better now compare with the time when I just joined WA :)2. I'm still not comfortable with live chat. I type too slow.3. Create a WA blog post every week. I'm telling myself to catch up on the above 3 tasks. I will definitely do better for Month 2!Am I really for Month 2?Yes, I am!Christine
February 19, 2018
I am here in WA for 3 months plus a few days. I have finished Certification course 3, moving to course 4. I have learn so much during this period. Thanks to the great training and the awesome community. I am also in Super Wealthy Affiliate Group. This is really very challenging for me. To write 12+ articles with a total of 12,000 words in a month is not easy for me. I have to spent more time to complete the task. For me these are hard work but I can make it :)
February 01, 2018
My content published through SiteContent is indexed in google! Feeling good knowing I am moving in the right direction. I know I will reach my destination by following the training and with all the great support from the community :)
January 23, 2018
I am super excited to be in the Super Affiliate group!This is going to be an awesome year for me. I am thankful and grateful for what I have learned in WA training and also for all the great information from WA community.Thank you Kyle for all this!
December 24, 2017
I am at the end of my Certification Course 2 training. During these 6 weeks in WA, I have learn a lot. Before joining WA, I have no knowledge how to build a website. Now I have my 1st website and it is indexed in google! I am really excited to learn more. I am not good at writing post. I hope to write better post next time.