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I was born to itenerent teachers February 16, 1960 in a tiny town, in a clinic beside a grain elevator, in eastern Washington. From there our family moved every two years around the state until I was 6.

At the age of 6 my parents moved to Nigeria, West Africa, where we stayed until I was 12. We then moved to New York City. After two years there We left after North Dakota and finally after that Maryland where I married the most beautiful bride and have been ever since.

I enjoy writing, making music, art, golf, and racquet ball.

Sharing the house with me and my wife is our youngest daughter, although she is gone quite a bit now--sigh, two dogs, Billy and Calvin, and two cats, Elvis and Felina Turtle Bean. (Don't ask.)
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GratefulAl Premium
Send me your affiliate link for: http://www.freetrafficsystem.com
I will be discontinuing my subscription here so email me at 1gratefulal@gmail.com please & thanks.
GratefulAl Premium
Crap! Please delete this as I thought I was sending a private email, not posting my main email address for every spammer on this site!
I HATE all the new window pop-ups, that's why I switched to Firefox so long ago!
bkb2012 Premium
Christian Walker,

You posted a comment on an article that was mistakenly posted under my name. Seems Kyle & Carson are still transferring content to this new interface but your comment is appreciated.

Well I have made one sale. It actually is two sales, but it was to the same person. On for the trial offer and then a week later for the actual sign up. I am writing articles out the wazoo and blowing some $$ on failed PPC marketing--I jumped into that too early--sigh. There are so many nodes in the chain from contact to sales that is gets confusing. Is it a weak article? or maybe its a weak author's bio box, But then again maybe the landing page just sucks.

I think I am getting the idea of just pre-selling in my articles instead of selling, still after you hammer them with the article then you plow them through your landing page only to try to get them to click throught to a pitch page that is 15 screens long before they finally get to the price all while trying to dodge that ornery pop up chatty lady box. Sometimes I think it gets overdone.

Meanwhile I think I'll go contemplate the zero's on my clickbank page.

Robyn7 Premium
Hi Christian, I just signed up myself and I am hoping to make a good, legit income from this as well. I did a lot of research and I believe this is a great way to get into the world of internet marketing. :) We will see how it goes I guess...
Anyways, good luck!
P.S- I like your cat's name.
Well, I took the plunge. At this point I am hoping this doesn't turn out to be a $40.00 a month social networking site. Not that I have anything against social networking...well, Ok, so maybe I do, but I digress. I hope that this site can help me earn vacation and Christmas money, not that becoming independently wealthy would be bad, but I like to keep my feet on the ground. I can't do the recommend my friends thing yet because I do not know if this site will deliver and I have suffered enough at the hands of friends and relatives who suddenly wanted to take me out to dinner and I went only to find that they were trying to hit me up for their latest pyramid scheme. I think I'd rather PO strangers at this point than risk my friends and family. This could change as I try out this site time will tell. As for my part, I will put in the time and effort.