Have You Quit Your Job Yet?

Last Update: October 31, 2013

It is true that over 90% of affiliate marketers fail. Hmmmm...good news and bad news. If you look at it from simply a percentage point of view, it would mean that you have a little under 10% chance of making enough money to quit your job.


There is another way to look at it. It also means that there is over 90% less competition for you if you succeed. In other words, you have a chance at a much bigger bite of the Internet dollars.

When I was a kid, I used to believe--because some older kid said so--that the rings of Saturn were composed of diamonds whirling around the planet. I used to imagine rocketing up there with a huge butterfly net and scooping out a net full or two.

The funny thing is, the Internet IS like that. There is a steady stream of billions of dollars coursing through the Internet even now as we speak and you can metaphorically reach out your net and scoop in lots of it.

It took me, getting fired from my job to finally seriously apply what I knew from 4 years of buying guides. The crazy thing is is that a lot of these guides worked...I just hadn't followed through because I wanted fast riches.

When I got serious, I chose a path, in my case list building, and abandoned all of my SEO websites and such as were making me only a few hundred dollars a month. I then went full tilt into creating a list around the money making niche. I chose this niche because it is by far the best niche for lists.

I had a list of over 5000 subscribers based on a cell phone monitoring software, but there just wasn't anything other then the software that that list was interested in. It actually cost more to house it on Aweber than it earned me.

Money Making on the other hand will make multiple purchases and since I was going to invest in traffic instead of trying free methods, I want a responsive list.

Next I formulated a business plan in which I made 3 promises to my perspective list.

  • Always be honest
  • Give quality information
  • Make only honest offers for things that really work long-term

Financing My List

Next, I had to find a financing source to purchase traffic with that did not impact my families budget--a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. What I cam up with, is something I had never heard of anyone doing before.

'I earned my start-up cash with eBay. That's right. I went to the garage and attic to find things to sell open eBay. Th money from my first sales allowed me to scour the local thrift shops for things to sell and soon I was averaging $300 a month.

This in turn allowed me to purchase quality traffic for my squeeze page and sales funnel. As the sales from my list mounted, I was soon able to quit eBay sales altogether and use the proceeds from the sales to buy more traffic which in turn increased my sales.

Just An Outline

Remember, what I have just posted here is an outline and there are a lot of details that you need to understand and apply in order for this to work, so get off your can and start studying. Almost everything you need to copy my success is sitting in front of your nose here at WA.

Sure, I used some techniques that I can't mention here without being censored, but I could have done it all with the information here on WA.

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msdj8163 Premium
Yes I quit my job and moved to Europe this spring. I started here about 6 weeks ago and made my first $2 this week. I wish you the best and success with your online business.
jrswab Premium
I quite working at a restaurant that I hated. I am doing some freelance work to keep my wife and I afloat until Internet Marketing starts to take off for me. I am looking forward to the day that I can blog and support my family.

Blogging is a hobby of mine and to be paid a decent wage to do so have been my goal for years. Now that I am here are WA I feel like that goals is within reach. :D