...Some Days are Stone

Last Update: June 28, 2012
As the old country tune goes, Some days are diamonds and some days are stone. Today is stone. First of all the Supremes--NOT the musical group--decided that we all have to buy insurance or get fined and that is OK with the constitution. Then I am looking at the search results for a major keyword I had before penguin and am trying to get back.

The guy that owns first place in all of Google for that word has exactly 2 domains pointing at his site. One of which has 2 backlinks and the other has 492 all are anchored with the exact keyword because they are coming off the blogroll of those websites. His site only his 5 pages indexed by Google.

So much for all of the SEO none-sense out there. What makes it worse is that the rest of the page is occupied by seriously keywords stuffed tumblr pages and about 6 You Tube references.

The second page has all You Tube results except for one metacafe result. It is really a waste land of results that, before penguin, used to have relevant results. (Including mine of course :)

A pox upon the Supreme Court, our stupid Government and Google.

There, I feel a bit better.

P.S. Call me a mean b--st-rd, but I don't want to be forced to finance other peoples health care and I don't want to take other peoples money to finance mine.

Better dead than red!
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Praise Premium
According to Papa John’s Founder, Chairman and CEO John H. Schnatter, health-care reform will cost the company an additional 11 cents to 14 cents per pizza.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2012/08/07/obamacare-to-push-pizza-prices-higher/#ixzz22ux9IGWn

Imagine how the imposed healthcare cost on other businesses will increases the prices on other goods and services. Corporations will find ways to pass the Obamacare costs onto consumers to protect their shareholders and their own bottom line.
Shawn Martin Premium
Wow, wanna have a beer? I hear ya, it has been an interesting day here too.
Too True, It is time for us little guys to stand up. Why does every fractional section of the population get special status. What about all of us producers? What is really sad is the fact that my tax dollars goes to make Michelle Obama "proud of her country" for the first time...oh yea, and to send her on extravagant vacations to places I'll never see.

And those that get the free rides NEVER thank us ever 'cause they think we owe them. Let me take my own money and donate it to St. Judes or anywhere else I chose and not where the dead-beat-elitists politicians decide in order to maximize their votes.

They have proven over and over again that they shouldn't be allowed to touch one dime of public money...not that there is even a dime left.

I just wish the POTUS would let me play a round of golf on his dime...

Please read Ed Kline's "The Amateur"
klrrider Premium
I have Blue Cross through where I work... Cal Pers... my insurance coverage has gone up 15% each and every year for the last 5 years. They also work it from the other end giving you less coverage larger co-pays, deductibles and cutting back other benefits. My employer has caped their contribution 10 years ago so every increase comes out of our checks. At this rate half my check will go for health coverage in about 3 years but getting sick is even worse considering what doctors and hospitals charge these days.

As far as G... I have 5 health sites that have suffered since the last update and they are all original and I blog in them regularly. The street articles to these sites are doing well however... usually in the first 3 positions. One of these sites has left the building totally and it was on page 1 for 11 keywords for over a year. Pos 1 for 3 of them.

Other newer sites in totally different niches are doing well... go figure?
onefineham Premium
I know you're mad about Obamacare, but in Massachusetts (the state plan on which ACA is modeled), the number of uninsured people was cut by two thirds and health care costs DROPPED. Just food for thought. You already ARE financing others health care - either by higher costs or by higher premiums - you just don't see it directly in your bills.
onefineham Premium
Oh... and good luck on getting your ranking back. Google's been weird lately... and not at all in a good way.
I am aware of that, and I don't like it either. If I want to pay someone else's freight, then it should be up to me and not an inept Government that can't even stay out of debt.
mama2karsten Premium
I'm with you on the above... sometimes it seems so many things have become a bit corrupt.
jatdebeaune Premium
I'm so angry about the Supreme Court ruling, still trying to cool down from the decision. I hope it can be revoked, maybe by the next administration. Yes, we need healthcare reform, but not the government deciding who needs real treatment and who needs pain killers and what doctor you can go to. They can't even balance the budget, and Medicare is in shambles. You really want to trust them with your health?