Why I have been gone.

Last Update: May 01, 2015

I have been gone from WA for around a year now. It started out with a self-evaluation as to whether internet marketing was for me or not.

I joined here in 2009 and have earned sever thousand dollars a year doing IM, but it became frustrating because I wanted out of the rat-race and into the freedom of owning my own successful business.

I am not sure why I paid my monthly dues to WA while never using it and quit frankly I started to cancel my account many times but for one reason or another I never got around to it.

During this last year I asked myself some hard questions. Did I really like to be a hustler trying to put up blogs to sell other peoples stuff and always focusing on MONEY, MONEY, MONEY...

I realized I had no passion, only dreams of an easier life-style. The bottom line is I had no answer as to why, other than to make money and that was unsatisfying.

So I chucked it all and turned my attention to finding out what I loved to do even if I didn't get paid. I came up with two things. I loved to produce music and I loved to walk. The more I thought about it the more things began to come into focus. Soon I set about creating a music program that I could walk to for exercise. I have spent the last year recording and producing music that I arranged by tempo so that I could walk to it and lose weight. 32 lbs so far!

As I did this I began to realize that if I loved walking to this music, then there would be other's who would enjoy it as well and thus my niche was born.

I have written , arranged and produced the equivalent of 12 CD's worth of music arranged in 4 different levels for power walking. I call it Country Power Walk.

I plan on producing a Jazz set, Rock/Pop set and an Irish set. I have learned that there is a fine line between hustling and marketing and that line often gets blured.

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feelfree33 Premium
Being Passionate about your product or service is pinnacle. Go for it.
Strap Premium
I hope that your niche provides well for you - it is certainly fairly unique and I would love to hear your progress from time to time...I wish you every success in your endeavours...GOOD LICK