Are You Struggling?

Last Update: November 01, 2014

Are you struggling?

This sentence has been going through my thoughts today!

So I am wondering who it is that is struggling today?

We all go through struggles! I myself have only accomplished half as much, maybe even less then that, then I thought I would have accomplished after the months I have been here.

These past months life has thrown me several hefty punches. Yet, I am sure I am not the only one who has had punches thrown at them by life in these past days and months. And I know that it is when we are in the storm, and life is tossing us around, and tossing circumstances at us, that we can find it hard to focus on learning and the work of developing our site.

When I am in the storm, I know that it is a time when I have to take extra time to be in The Word, in prayer and cranking up the praise and worship, along with finding quiet time to be still and listen. And of course, that means not nearly as much time on my site.

When I come to work on the site during the storm, sometimes it could be overwhelming as I ask myself where do I start with so much yet to learn and so much yet to accomplish.

Yet, I have the experience of having lived through many, many storms. And I have learned not to let the large picture overwhelm me.

So if you are struggling, find that one thing that you know you can accomplish today!

It may be responding to recent follows, connecting with a WA member, listening to one tutorial of something you desire to learn or simply refresh in your mind, writing a blog post, gathering information for a post or page, or maybe it is just searching for images for your site.

Don't let yourself be overwhelmed, find that one thing that you know you can accomplish today! And do it!

Then you will be able to rest in knowing that you have moved forward! Every little step counts!

Remember as a child, you took baby steps before you walked and then ran!

As the storm subsides and the force of the storm is no longer attempting to hold you back, then you will walk and then run!

Be Blessed!

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mrpeter Premium
Good post. Very timely! I have struggled big time this week but I've done exactly what you say, I've accomplished small but significant things. I'm very grateful.
Christabelle Premium
Thank you! I am thankful this could help in some small way! Thank you for visiting! :)
BrooklynPhil Premium
Yes. I struggle. I think wishing, hoping or praying is a 50/50, coin flip situation at best. I don't like the odds. I figure if I work harder or longer or both, I can increase my odds. I am fully responsible for everything I do.
Christabelle Premium
I always know that the victory is mine in the Lord! It is just finding my way through the storm that sometimes can be a challenge and even then I know if I lean into Him He will show me the way!
MisterWailor Premium
Nice article, you do have a very good idea on how to handle the difficult moment in our lives. Good job.
Christabelle Premium
Thank you very much! And thank you for visiting! :)
chrisyohn Premium Plus
Life is difficult, sometimes I have to find my get away and that is by going to my bed and going to sleep, or going out and driving or going out for a ride on Durgin. This also means less time on my website, but while i'm out driving I just think. I rarely turn the radio on anymore because I am always thinking. What will my next article be about? What will the content be? What kind of income will I make from all this marketing? Will I be able to build that barn for my horse one day?

Everything I do ends up coming back to having my horse and fiancé in mind. I want to build him his luxurios barn, and I want to build her that big house she wants.
Christabelle Premium
Those are very special goals and selfless goals. He will guide you Chris. Remember It delights Him to give us the desires of our heart and He can give us beyond all we ask or imagine! :) Blessings, Christa :)
kleblanc13 Premium
I think everyone struggles a little every day, but like you say, do what you can, take baby steps.
Christabelle Premium
Maybe you are right! Thank you for visiting!