Domain Name vs Website

Last Update: December 13, 2016

People new to Internet Marketing, as with any new enterprise, have a lot of new information to process. Much of it comes down to "in house" terminology.

An area that frequently causes confusion is the difference between a domain name and a website.

The way I think of it is

a) The domain name is like the address of a property eg 175 Main Street

b) The website is like the building that you find at that address. It could be a bungalow. Or a 3-bed semi. Or a 6 bed detached. Or a hotel. Or a block of flats. Or just an empty building plot.

The domain name is "registered" with the Domain Name Registrar. He keeps records of addresses. This is just like the Post Office having a record of 175 Main Street, and can send parcels to that address. But has no idea what kind of building exists there.

Likewise you could knock down the bungalow and replace it with a 3-bed semi. But the address does not change. It remains 175 Main Street.

Where does DNS come into this?

It tells the domain where to find the site. Like telling the Post Office where to find the building.

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SamiWilliams Premium
This will help when explaining - makes it clearer to me as well.
goodsuccess Premium
Excellent explanation! You have made it easier for the newbie to understand Domain names, Domain Name Server and how they work together. Thanks.
Lady-B Premium
For a new person just starting out, your explanation makes it easy to understand internet Marketing. Thank you
ChrisGooden Premium
I started to draw a picture, but it got messy. I'll give it another go later.
preciousns Premium
I like your description, it's a very good way of explaining it!

MKearns Premium
The website is what is HOSTED for the domain name!