Content Or Keywords?

Last Update: December 16, 2016

Google is getting cleverer. Way beyond just counting keywords.

Try doing a search for "What’s the title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain?"

Among the results delivered are

  • The title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain is apex predator
  • "Each food chain ends with a top predator, an animal with no natural enemies".

This result is due, in part, to the new addition to their suite of analysis tools - it's called "RankBrain".

The message?

Focus on content, not keywords. The cleverer Google gets, the higher your content will rank.

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WildflowerG Premium
That would certainly make my life easier.
FWoods1 Premium
good info thanks
RWB Premium
Good advice. Thanks.
RWB Premium
Thanks for putting this out there Chris. Wonder what Googles next tool will be, "Rack Brain?, ya never know.
ChrisGooden Premium
Next too? Google updates its algorithm at least twice a day. That's over 700 updates a year.

So long as you follow their "intent" you'll never need to worry about updates. They will get closer to you instead of you getting closer to them.
Bnyumba Premium
Good morning sir Chris i need help I'm on lesson 9 its about contes and keywords please help out..
kasage00 Premium
Thanks for sharing!