Sudden Spike On A Forgotten Niche Website

Last Update: May 06, 2018

I've been having an exceptionally great May so far but this update I have for you is the cherry on the cake this morning

I just came across something on my "Webmaster Tools" that shocked me (in a good way) this morning.

The Webmaster Tools screenshot you are seeing above is from a small niche review site that I was working on last year,but let go because it wasn't something I was really passionate about.

I had totally forgotten I even had Webmaster Tools installed on this site but I noticed something was happening from the sudden increase I was getting in comment email notifications for the site in my inbox.

After a few days of this unusual activity, I decided to take a look and see what was going on and to my surprise, one of the posts is suddenly ranking for a high-traffic keyword.

As you can see, I've been getting <50 SEO traffic for the most part of this site's life but now it's more in the 100 to 200 range - daily!

Keep in mind that this is a "forgotten website", with only 19 posts and pages on there that are suddenly getting this much traffic.

3 Small Lessons For Us All:

The training here works:

I know this has been said many times over before but it still amazes me (even after 6 years with Wealthy Affiliate), how if you simply follow the training, you're bound to success!

You never know when your big break is coming:

As you can see from my other WA blog "Success Takes Time", this is the nature of niche websites.

You may think you're getting nowhere but you only need 1 posts to hit it out of the park to propel you to new heights.

Do not give up:

Sadly, I did give up on this website a long time ago but that was because I was working on other sites that were (still are) my priority.

If you're struggling with a niche website, then take this as a sign to keep chugging forward with it.

Going from 10 people a day to 100 people a day could be just another blog post away.

My Plan Moving Forward With This Blog

Now that there's some buzz going on this site, I am thinking of starting posting regularly again with the help of a hired content writer.

I am still not sure if this sudden spike in traffic will hold so I won't be shifting my focus entirely right now but I will be planning in the weeks ahead some ways to get it moving regularly again.

The topic of the site is pretty easy and straightforward so it shouldn't be hard to find a writer who can take care of this site that won't cost too much.

Ask Me Anything

I hope this message gives you some confidence and inspiration. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have down below in the comments - I'm in a good mood so I'd love to answer some comments haha.

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MikeC69 Premium
Thanks for sharing this ! Great motivation for us rookies !
Chris Lee Premium
Glad I could help Mike :)
SatchelAge Premium
I've only been with WA for ~30 days now. This post will serve as my benchmark and will keep my expectations grounded. Congratulations!
Chris Lee Premium
Keep at it and continue following WA's training.

It works, trust me :)
DanielCo Premium
Glad to read your story!
Chris Lee Premium
Thank you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
I wonder what the spike was about. Was it a new ranking, or a sudden interest in an old ranking?

I've had some sites go nuts when specific events come around like the olympics, and the topic is relevant to the post.

Either way, congrats man!
Chris Lee Premium
It settled down now to about 60 to 80 visits a day. I am still not quite sure what caused the spike as there were no noticeable increases in rankings.

It's a bit of a novelty home appliance that was in the news sometime ago so that must've brought something up again.
AHohaia Premium
Hi Chris, loved your post. It is amazing how the internet works. I have experienced something similar with one of my sites. After two years of only getting marginal traffic, a couple of my posts are now ranking in the first or second spot in Google which has resulted in increased sales on Amazon.
It seems to me that two years is a bit of a (positive) turning point for websites. Will see if it is true when my other sites are turning two in a few months.
To your continued success!
All the best from Anke
Chris Lee Premium
Keep at it Anke. :)

Onwards and upwards we go! :)