I Keep On Getting Spam Calls On My Phone!

Last Update: May 5, 2022

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Hello Everyone At Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope that everyone is doing good in the world!

Listen! Back at around 5:49PM my time. The PST zone. I keep on receiving these spam calls that talks about a particular "business" that will make you over $7k in the first few days and then over 21k in 21 days. Seems logical but they don't even tell you what exactly you need to do to get started as it is such a long conversation that the system tells you that you don't need to do anything because the techs will do it all for you while you don't have to answer phone calls or answer any emails. I mean I don't know. To me it just seems too good to be true in that aspect.

So.....I just wanted to let you all out there know that some scammers have a way of reaching out to you regardless if your name, number and all of the sensitive info that has been searched via the database.

Luckily, I just hung up the call because I am still going to be staying within' the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Also have no further input on the matter and shall not be rolling with any other business until I know that it's legit.

Thank you so much and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the day, night, or morning.

Have a goodnight y'all!


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hi Myra
I used to have this problem, bit no more, ever since I have my anti virus software installed in my phone.
whenever there is a spam call, the anti virus will flag suspected spam, so if this alert came up, i just terminate the call without answering.

you stay safe

best regards
Chee Shi

Thanks, Chee Shi!


Hi Chee Shi,

What anti-virus software are you using and is it free? I have an iPhone.


I used Bitdefender, I have been using this for few years, and their mobile version, to me is very good, it always gives me the suspected spam alert, and even for SMSes, when there is a malware in the message, the antivirus will alert me and I will delete it without opening the SMS

best regards,
Chee Shi

Two things Myra.
First. If it sounds to good to be real it ain’t real. Pass it by.
Secondly, my attitude to any unknown phone call is to not answer it. It’s my phone, I pay the bill and I do not have to answer it. If its urgent they can send a policeman. Which really happened once.
Don’t do it Myra. Don’t pick up any call if you don’t know who the caller is. Most people you know should already be in your cell phone memory.
Stay safe

Wow, I had no idea that they would send police to your house. Thanks for the warning, Bux. 😅

Also, thanks for the advice. :)


No Myra, not a bad thing, it was an urgent call. A hospital was trying to get in touch as a relative was taken seriously ill on the operating table and there was no signal and no land line where I was working at the time. Unfortunately, she died, but that's another story.
You take care now.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Bux.

Thanks for the share and I hope you have a great day.


Its 11pm here now and yes, I had a really great day. A busy morning doing my you tube stuff. Started at 5am. And then early afternoon I was rudely interrupted with an invitation to cakes and coffee at Glastonbury Abbey ... but you’ve got to come NOW.
How could I refuse. A very pleasant 5hours, and very nice cake.
Be good, be happy 😊

Wow, that sounds very good. I definitely wouldn't mind a piece. ☺🍰



Scammers are everywhere nowadays, Myra. Whether you have a private, unlisted LAN number or a cell phone, they'll find you. I'm like Phil...I just don't answer any number I don't recognize because now AI can take your voice and spin it to their gains. If it's legit or "real" they can leave a message. At least then, you only have to clean out spam voice mail ;-)

Oh wow. That whole Al thing taking your voice. I mean...😭

Thanks for the comment, Susan.


Yup...I know it's happening. Just be careful not to answer "yes" if someone asks you an intro question as that's how they can get you. Take care Myra.

Thanks for the tip, Susan.

Have a wonderful day.


Just be careful answering. There were some spam calls going around a while that if you answered you would get billed for the call and other calls….

Well it's a good thing I hung up before they got started.

Whew! Thanks for the comment, Stephen.


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