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Hello everyone one at Wealthy Affiliate!I hope that everyone is enjoying their 4th of July and at the same time. It is Independence Day in the U.S. especially to those that served the country to keep our fellow people in our country safe. I know this is a quick one today so much will be going on from my end but me and the family are going to be celebrating like we always do just by watching the fireworks and maybe order some food. 😊So I wish everyone of you a safe and successful 4th of
( Cover Photo: Young Boy Submerging In The Tub To Relax! )Hello everyone at Wealthy Affiliate!I hope everyone is doing good in the world! I am just keeping cool while typing this as it has been pretty hot for these last two days and continuing, but right now it is cool outside tonight so I can't complain about the climate change. 😅I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging as much as I have been pretty busy with my life right now but trying to contain myself in a positive light. 😊I
Hello Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate!I know it may seem a little sudden but it's better to be a tad late than to never say this.I want to wish every woman in this world that are still working to become mothers and to women that are already mothers whether it can be your grandma, aunt, sister. I may not have a whole lot to say but I am going to leave you with this quote:Thank you so much and have a very happy mother's day!Myra
( Cover Photo: Of The Famous Woman Going Bonkers. )Hello Everyone At Wealthy Affiliate!I hope that everyone is doing good in the world!Listen! Back at around 5:49PM my time. The PST zone. I keep on receiving these spam calls that talks about a particular "business" that will make you over $7k in the first few days and then over 21k in 21 days. Seems logical but they don't even tell you what exactly you need to do to get started as it is such a long conversation that the system tells you that y
( Cover Photo: Of someone tying their shoes. )Hello everyone at Wealthy Affiliate! I hope that everyone is doing good in the world!Yes you have read the title right! I am staying inside of another nice hotel in Mountain View, CA. The Wi-Fi over here isn't so great as I am doing a little work inside of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I am also getting ready to leave soon before the check out time, which is usually at 11am. I might even get a hot for drink to go depending on my mood. ⌚
( Cover Photo: Of A Woman Smiling While Sitting On the Leaves During The Fall Season )Hey everyone here at Weathy Affiliate!I just wanted to let you know that I actually did NOT get a place with a room after waiting for so long which is fine and the people that work there could not give two s---!s about moving people in anyway. Luckily that one person name "John" who happens to be an assistant property manager was being very understanding about it all and was keeping it real with me when he sai
( Cover Photo: Two women resting on top of balcony showing the background of a village neighborhood )Hello everyone!I know it's been a awhile since I last blogged. I just wanted everyone to know that things are going good despite of some troubles of moving into a place. :/Other Than That....Everything else is going wonders incase if you are wondering! Today I took Tyra to an appointment to get her groomed again. Especially after waiting this long, so I figured she would need a haircut due to he
Hello everyone at Wealthy Affiliate!How are you doing today? I hope that everyone is safe in the world.Just checking in today to tell you that nothing has happened. I still have yet to move into that new place due to compliance not making any effort to speed things up regarding of my move in. Which seems to be on hold as I have been trying to make of they called a working progress that still hasn't gone anywhere.So that is one of those things but I'm hoping for the best that things will come th
Cover Photo: ( Woman Looking At The Phone )Hey everyone at Wealthy Affiliate! I hope that everyone has had a great weekend so far!I just wanted to let you know that my weekend went fairly well as I wanted to spend 2 nights at one of my favorite places again. Yesterday while in my room, I decided that I was going to order breakfast which came in on time! It is something that I never order in the mornings. A McDonald's breakfast with scrambled eggs, 2 sausage patties, pancakes and 4 Hashbrowns (w
Cover Photo: ( A Young Man With His Back Facing The Wall Filled With Projects ) Hey everyone at Wealthy Affiliate! I hope that everyone is well in the world!As the title states....I haven't actually been active on here as of yet although I still will be leaving comments under some of my followers blogs. I had been doing a lot of searching for ways to make money on the side only to find that they were a complete waste of time but it doesn't matter. At least I will still play the games for fun as