Last Update: May 26, 2019

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Teaching daily

Did you know that you are a teacher on a daily bases? Although you may not be an actual teacher or trainer for a company, you can show others what to do. When you teach one, two learn.

As I am at an impasse in my life and my career, I got to thinking of what I've learned in my life. I began to realize that most of what I learned did not come from a single source. What I've learned I had to piece together bits and pieces of information to get the whole picture.

Let's talk OEC Training

What I will say the training here is simple enough to understand. Through it I see change. Through the training it has a created a new way of thinking and learning of a whole new field of work. Kyle and Carson made it simple to understand, but the work still has to be done.

I've been here a few months and it has been mind blowing. I still realize what I've learned still needs to be applied to my website. In order to get the desired outcome.


Reading the posts on here and seeing some of WA website. Results is what I want. So how do I get the results that I want? Why is it that some people can do it and other cannot?

I see that results are not cut and dry but zigzag. Zig may work for you and zag may work for me. I am still at the earlier stages of my online endeavors so I have always to go.

The internet is learning me and I am still learning it. How long has it taken people to make a real sale on their website? Oftentimes, I see people tell us that they've made it but don't always say how it was done.

Pay it forward

I love to see people fly even if my feet never leave the ground. I look forward to the day I feel comfortable enough to do a training and share what I know. Giving step by step narrative of my journey with my website.

Not that there is not enough training or great examples already available. I would still like to apply my quirky two cents.

Did you know that you are a teacher?

Feel free to response if you like

Just saying........

Recent Comments


Just by doing what you're doing you are teaching. Someone will read your words and it will resonate with them. Then they will take action and all because of something you wrote.

Did I TAWCK it out the park? LOL!!! You right I hope so. I really do. Thanks as always. Warm regards

'It's so far gone, it ain't never coming back'. That's how far you Twacked it.

I love it!!!!

You make me smile. Thank you

Cherry,. You are so correct in stating that we are all teachers. I look forward to seeing you excel and meet your each and every endeavor.


I cannot wait too. Work, Work, Work, please, please, please let it pay off. LOL!!!

Thank s for coming by. Be Blessed.

Cherry, you are so right! Thanks for reminding us of our important role.
I can't wait to see your success!
Best wishes


ME TOO!!! I am going to shout for the top of the building, I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU !!! I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU!!

Okay, for real no I will not. I am just kidding. Thanks though.

Strong 💪 girl! Crush it!

Good job Cherry.

More grace.


I will take more grace. Thank you

Some do say how its done. Thats why they created their own courses that has value and charge almost 1k for the online courses. It stems from their learning experiences on how affiliate marketing works and their earnings. Then they develop courses on how to do it. Next, they go online and market their own online courses through ads or webinars. After that they made megabucks, need 10 people to sign up thats 10k right there. Thats how they pay it forward. Use your experiences then one day you can pay it forward like you said in this post.

My plan is exactly that. You are spot on in what you said. I am glad you cam by to chat with me. Be Blessed.

Cherry, you don't have to look forward to the day you did some training, you're already doing it right here:)

Good point. I did not think of that. Thank you for coming.

I agree. And everyone has a different point of view on things. So how you teach a certain topic will be different from someone else. And that difference may result in some finally getting it... If you know what I mean.




Yes I do know what you mean. I glad you stopped by to chat. Warm regards.

Good evening my friend, you are so right, throughout each giving day we all are learning something from the many teachers in the world. And if we're interacting with others it's a highly possibility that they are learning something from us. Yes you are correct we are all teachers one way or another. May you have a blessed successful week my dear friend.

Your words are always positive. Thank you and Be Blessed.

Oh how right you are, it’s a journey for sure.

Best to you always,


Thanks for stopping by. Warm Regards.

Haven't really thought of it this way. Thanks for sharing Cherry and I'm looking forward to your post telling us all about your website's success.

So I am. Thank you for stopping by, you will definitely be one of my first people to let know. Be Blessed.

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