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Last Update: March 11, 2014

Hey WA fam. So since I started weathlyaffiliates I'm always looking for new ways to promote or help promote another member.

So I was out using public transportation today and came across a billboard advertisement for a new grocery store that provides service online.

Of course I automatically thought of members that has a niche pertaining to food. Whether your promoting nutrition diets, recipes or maybe just a particular food.

I checked out the website to see if they have an affiliate program, and they do.

So to all my food marketers check out the site and if you think it can benefit your business then add it as an affiliate.

the name of the online grocery store is:freshdirect you can google it for reviews (which I have not done)

the affiliate website is:

Hope this can help anyone :)


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Melanie1508 Premium
Best of luck to you, Charlotte. :)
nomda ploom Premium
I can't add it, but it is a clean and to the point site, so if you can get people interested to go over there, it should convert pretty wishes, Andy
KatieMac Premium
That is cool, it will be of use to someone thank you for sharing
Wayne Wallace Premium
Cool thanks! You can get inspiration everywhere.
CharlotteH39 Premium
yes Wayne you can cause now when I'm out its like i have on WA glasses. everything is potential for promotion :)