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Last Update: October 03, 2015

I’m been a premium member here at WA for about 6 weeks. When I first joined, I was blowing through the training, taking as many as three or four (sometimes five) steps each day. Impressed huh? Well, don’t be. Since I couldn’t watch the videos once the household woke up or at work, I told myself that getting the training in was more important than doing the homework at the end of each section.

Sure, I did some things that were quick, but if they were going to take some time, I wanted to get the next video watched before I lost my window of opportunity. Now here I sit, halfway through the training with two websites started, one with a good amount of content, but no traffic. And I’ve lost my path through the training. First I started with Affiliate Bootcamp and then switched over to the Certification Courses, again, skipping the things that would take time, promising myself to ‘catch up’ later.

Well, I give up. I’m starting back at Step One, Course One this morning. This time, I swear to do each and every homework step before progressing to the next. Max of three sections a day, assuming I’ve done all the homework then and only then can I play on the network itself. I keep getting sidetracked by all the training external to the core courses. Query just about any subject and you have 5-10 training lessons and a lot more blog articles pop up. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I finally have to put blinders on and forge ahead.

This is a commitment I’m making to myself, my followers and my business. I’m holding myself accountable to you. Here is my schedule that I will be following on a daily basis. I may not make it through all the steps, but this time no cheating.

I’ll be posting my progress on a weekly basis, so keep an eye out. Check out my websites to view my progress as well. I’m also available for anyone that needs someone to hold them accountable.

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CharlesL Premium
I am glad that you shared that with us. We all need a little dose of reality on occasion. Our tendency is to get through the tough stuff and get on with making the money. The problem with that is that the whole program is out of focus. The training is there for us to capitalize on and learn so that the money can be earned in a more efficient way and more of it. Staying focused is the one thing that will ultimately separate the big winners from mediocrity. Keep on track and follow the plan and you will make it. Warmest wishes to you.
krazykat Premium
Baby steps :-)
allchristie Premium
Inspiration I needed. To me WA is an encyclopedia, a key to my future. I have similar feelings to you about the amount of training available and about wanting it "right now" I shall watch for your weekly reports. My getting ready to get ready is over. Now for production. Larry
stephhill Premium
That is exactly what I have done too. DO all the steps in the training and all of the tasks, because they build on each other. You cannot just glaze over what is most time consuming and focus only on the easy stuff. You have to challenge yourself in order to advance yourself. Otherwise, you are cheating yourself. There is a reason behind the tasks Kyle has assigned.

I enjoyed this blog. I am looking forward to your weekly updates. You can discuss things that you learned. How you worked through difficult tasks. How your website has been improving as a result.

PJonline Premium
I agree and support you!