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October 04, 2015
Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Houston and I’m building my business before heading out for the day.I set up my Facebook pages last night, one for each website and had a great idea. I’m sure others have done it as well (are there really any new ideas?) but here is my attempt at it. I’m hoping to get to 25 friends and fans so I can get my own unique url at least on Facebook.I’m hoping the great networking family here at Wealthy Affilia
October 03, 2015
I’m been a premium member here at WA for about 6 weeks. When I first joined, I was blowing through the training, taking as many as three or four (sometimes five) steps each day. Impressed huh? Well, don’t be. Since I couldn’t watch the videos once the household woke up or at work, I told myself that getting the training in was more important than doing the homework at the end of each section. Sure, I did some things that were quick, but if they were going to take some time, I
September 20, 2015
Okay, its done. And redone. And redone again. I think it finally took me 6 tries, a profile redo and a lot of checking and double checking, but I'm now entered the land of Tweeters (or is it twits?)I'm finding that never is a word I need to take out of my personal dictionary. At 55 years old, I never thought I would be tweeting like my grandkids, here I am, chirping away. I've even sort of understanding the whole # thing. In my day we just called it a number sign. Now is there a new icon for th
Well, here I am at the end of my first month here in Wealthy Affiliate. Wow! My head is still spinning. As usual, I jumped in with both feet, reading and clicking everything I could find on how to make money with internet marketing. I’ve tried for years to find a program like this, one that takes me by the hand and walks me through all steps. Even then, I get lost sometimes; after all I am old. My internet knowledge and comfort level is limited to say the least (my VCR clock is still flas
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September 03, 2015
According to my online dictionary, Dream - a vision voluntarily indulged in while awakeGoal - the result or achievement toward which effort is directedWe all have dreams, each and every one of us. Dreams can represent desires for material objects (like a new car, new house) or monetary based (being a millionaire, being debt free, taking a trip to Disney Land). Now that we have a dream, something to inspire us, how are we going to achieve it? Some dreams will never come true, regardless of how m